The Dakota Deluxe delivers a feeling of a modern classic yet stylish hotel.

It’s festive time! and can you believe in the spirit of providing you with the very best advice we have already popped along to Leeds to try out a festive menu?

Well we have and we did! Located in the heart of the dinning and drinking scene in Leeds City centre is Dakota Deluxe an incredibly elegant hotel that’s rather dark and almost secretive in it’s feel, darkened windows, dimmed lighting and a curtained entrance gives Dakota a feeling of a modern classic yet stylish hotel.

Below ground is the location of the Hotel’s Bar & Grill where the feeling of grandeur continues with the incredibly attentive waiting staff who are all polished not only in their dress but also their level of service. A selection of vast booth type seating arrangements are available which even with only the 2 of us occupying still delivers a high level of intimacy.

The festive menu is exactly what you would expect, the token parfait and turkey dishes which are a social conformity at this time of year together with a few alternatives that are sure to please those that want to rage against the machine.

Parfait Starter Dakota Deluxe LeedsAdmittedly I’m a sucker for a parfait and I’ve struck gold on this occasion, an incredibly smooth Parfait rich in it’s delivery served with buttery brioche is an absolute delight, unfortunately the 50 minute wait between starter and main means that it’s a moment in history by the time the main arrives.

Braised Beef Dakota Deluxe LeedsThe slow cooked beef shoulder that I opt for is bold in flavour and the beer glaze add’s a great moisture to the dish however this is let down slightly by the accompanying potatoes and vegetables, I’m not sure I’d be proud of delivering the rather pale looking spuds and the accompanying pool of oil that sits under the vegetables is also rather off putting.

Lemon Tart Dakota Deluxe LeedsFor dessert I have hope that the lemon tart with brighten my day but whilst it may be a tart I’m not sure it’s seen much of the lemon, the pastry is undercooked and I can’t help but think it’s been sat in a fridge uncovered for way too long.

At £30 for 3 courses I have to say it’s incredibly disappointing and not a dinning experience I would want to recommend, however if chef can pull his finger out everything else about Dakota is truly wonderful.

Dakota Deluxe Leeds | 8 Russell St | Leeds | LS1 5RN