I’m never more than 24 hours away from eating whatever I want!

Ever hear of a tasty alternative to greasy crisps?  I recently discovered an excellent, healthy snack for those of us who don’t want to jeopardize our hard-earned, slimmer waistlines.

There’s a reason why this snack appeals to me and I think it will appeal to you as well.

As much as I appreciate healthy eating, I have never followed a strict diet.  I’m not good with all the rules.

Instead, I have left my food choices in my wife’s hands.  She designed healthy meals, but otherwise I exercised free reign to indulge in whatever struck my fancy.

No wonder I struggled to reach my weight loss goals.

At the beginning of this year I watched an article on the BBC Breakfast News.  Doctor Michael Mosley spoke about the 5:2 diet.

He brought the 5:2 diet to the nation’s attention last year in a BBC Horizon programme.  The diet essentially includes fasting for 2 days a week and pretty much eating what you want (within reason) on the other 5 days.

For me, the results to date have been fantastic.  I started in January and I consistently lose 1kg each week.

With the 5:2 diet plan, I’m never more than 24 hours away from eating whatever I want.  That makes this diet sustainable for me and it certainly fits around my lifestyle.

My work often requires long journeys on either the M1 or the train to London.  Coupled with hotel stays, my efforts to eat healthy were set up for failure.  Now, I simply schedule my fasting days to fit around my lifestyle.  Perfect!!

More than anything else, the diet causes me to think about the foods I consume.  When I’m in control that’s easy, but what about when I want to snack on junk food?  For instance, I sometimes crave a bag of greasy crisps.

Unfortunately, crisps are not healthy snacks.  But I recently stumbled across husband and wife partnership John & Claire from Scrubbys Crisps.

The Scrubby’s duo recognized the health conscious consumer’s awareness regarding food content.  We want less fat, reduced salt, and we want it to taste good!

When it comes to vegetable crisps, this was no mean feat.  The Scrubbys pair traveled far and wide to find a way to bring to market the healthiest and tastiest vegetable crisp for savvy consumers like me and you.

They narrowed down the perfect balance between flavour and health, eventually arriving at what you get in the Scrubbys packet today.

Lightly seasoned parsnip, beetroot, carrot and sweet potato delights mindful snackers.  The savory snack food is cooked in high oleic oil which results in at least 30% less fat, and up to 18% less calories.

I managed to get my hands on some of these crisps and oh my!  They really are good and make for a refreshing change to eating greasy crisps.

Munching on this new take on an old favourite is extra tasty because I know it hardly qualifies as over indulging.

I’ve no doubt Scrubbys will take centre stage in retailers over the coming months, as well as maybe wine bars and country gastro pubs – they will certainly sit very comfortable there!

Check them out at www.scrubbys.co.uk