Dear Yorkshire Pudd Family,

We’re overjoyed to share some incredible news with you – Yorkshire Pudd has achieved not just one but two remarkable victories in the culinary world! Following our recent win as the Best British Food Blog 2023 – Northern England by LUX Life Magazine, we are excited to announce that we’ve been honoured as the Food Blog of the Year at the Northern Enterprise Awards 2023 by SME News.

A Culinary Journey of Triumph

Our shared culinary journey continues to be one of passion, flavor, and your unwavering support. These awards are not just about accolades; they are a testament to the vibrant community that has made Yorkshire Pudd a cherished destination for food enthusiasts.

About the Northern Enterprise Awards

Hosted by SME News, the Northern Enterprise Awards celebrate businesses and individuals in the North of the UK who have demonstrated unparalleled excellence, dedication to client satisfaction, and outstanding success stories. Yorkshire Pudd stood out among the winners, solidifying our commitment to bringing you the best of the culinary world.

Awards Coordinator Kaven Cooper expressed his excitement, saying, “Congratulations to Yorkshire Pudd and all our awardees on their well-deserved success!”

Join the Culinary Celebration

We invite you to revel in our double victory and explore the award-winning content that you, our amazing readers, have made possible. From showcasing the best culinary experiences in Yorkshire to becoming a double award winner, our journey continues to be fueled by your passion and love for exceptional flavours.

About Chris Blackburn and Yorkshire Pudd:

As the founder and creative force behind Yorkshire Pudd, I’m thrilled to share these accolades with you. Your support has been the driving force behind this culinary adventure. Yorkshire Pudd is not just a blog; it’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of flavours that make Yorkshire special.

In addition to these recent awards, our journey together has seen me don the title of World Yorkshire Pudding Champion, make appearances on ITV’s Food Glorious Food and ITV’s Country House Sunday, and share insights on BBC’s The One Show. My regular contributions to BBC Radio Leeds allow me to connect with you and share my love for Yorkshire’s rich food culture.

Thank You for Being an Integral Part of Our Culinary Adventure:

As we bask in the glory of these recent awards, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you. Your enthusiasm fuels our culinary adventures, and I’m excited to share more delightful experiences with you in the future.

Stay tuned for more delectable content, exciting collaborations, and, of course, the flavours that make Yorkshire Pudd a unique culinary destination!