Empowering Yorkshire Businesses: Unleashing the Growth Potential of Secure and Reliable Internet Connections

Modern businesses require a secure and reliable internet connection as an absolute necessity. When choosing the right package and service provider, there are various critical decisions to be made, including affordability, speed, and value-added services. Considering a good internet connection as an investment can help your business to thrive, grow, and succeed. Businesses in Yorkshire can also benefit from fast, secure internet. Now let’s discuss what benefits this provides for business.

Benefits for Business in Yorkshire From Improved Internet

According to a 2020 report by management consultancy McKinsey, advanced connectivity in mobility, health care, manufacturing, and retail sectors has the potential to increase the global gross domestic product by US$1.2 trillion to US$2 trillion by 2030 – a growth of 3.5% to 5.5%. The not-for-profit Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) reported that as of last April, 68 countries across the globe had commercially launched 162 5G networks, as stated in their “GSA 5G Market Snapshot” report.

#1 Improve Collaboration

Close collaboration with partners, suppliers, logistics services, or distributors is crucial for modern businesses. Outsourcing services to cut costs and enhance outcomes has become common practice. These factors necessitate a robust internet connection and high-definition telecommunications. This fosters improved collaboration among remote employees, freelancers, suppliers, and partners, streamlining your business operations.

#2 Secure Data Exchange

Recent research published by o2 business reveals that enhanced connectivity could result in a productivity boost of £34.1 billion for UK businesses. However, we are talking not only about speed but also about accessibility and security. One of the protection tools is VPN. But before sending any important documents, you need to make sure that the VPN is working. To verify this, test the VPN connection, you can read about testing methods at the link. If my VPN works, then you can transfer data and files in encrypted form and no one can steal them and use them against the company or me personally.

#3 Rapid Growth

When you set up business communication systems, you should consider scalability for future growth. As your business expands, your connectivity should also expand seamlessly. This will prevent the need to restructure the entire system. Your choices should not be limited by your internet service provider when you consider the future growth of your business.

Internet connectivity is a critical investment for any company, regardless of its size. Neglecting it can lead to falling behind competitors with better internet access and more reliable service providers. A secure and trusted connection can greatly contribute to business growth and efficiency.

#4 Higher Bandwidth

Businesses that heavily depend on data or information processing find high internet speeds indispensable. A preferred choice for many is fiber connectivity offered by FTTH providers. This option provides a 5G capacity, enabling multiple devices to connect to the network without compromising speed. Consequently, businesses experience minimal downtime and maximize productivity. However, some providers can artificially narrow the channel and here you need an iOS VPN to achieve boost business. Cisco.com predicts that by 2023, 5G speeds will be 13 times faster than current mobile connections, making it the ideal bandwidth for businesses.

#5 Improve Productivity

A slow internet connection can be extremely frustrating, especially when there’s a lot of work to be done. When the internet connection is unreliable and plagued by latency, employees’ ability to effectively perform their jobs is hindered. To enhance productivity, companies should consider opting for a high-speed connection from a reliable provider.

#6 Flexibility & Remote Working

Web page on display on a computer

The move towards collaborative work among mobile workers in remote locations has generated a need to access data and documents from anywhere, on multiple devices. This is where technologies like hosted phone systems and unified communications play a crucial role, as they unify all communication devices. However, to access these services, a low latency and high bandwidth internet connection is essential for successful collaboration between employees and customers.

#7 Meeting Customer Expectations

Customers in today’s digital world have high expectations for businesses to be accessible around the clock. Meeting this demand can be challenging, but it’s crucial to prioritize digital connectivity to enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring faster response times and creating network redundancy.

It’s logical that if customers can’t reach you through their preferred communication method, they may turn to your competition. Maintaining a reliable internet connection can prevent this by keeping your business constantly connected and resilient to service outages.


To internet boost business, companies need to be aware of the various connectivity options available. With the increasing demand for stronger internet connections, providers continually enhance their infrastructure and introduce new services. Therefore, it’s vital not to miss out on these opportunities.