Game Pie Extravaganza: A Culinary Journey with Yorkshire Handmade Pie

Game Pie enthusiasts, get ready to indulge in a culinary masterpiece as the game season kicks off! Yorkshire Handmade Pies, a renowned purveyor of proper pies crafted from the finest Yorkshire ingredients, has just unveiled its Limited Edition Game Pie. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the delectable world of Game Pie and uncover its ingredients, as well as the intriguing origins of its name.

What is Game Pie Made Of?

The Limited Edition Game Pie from Yorkshire Handmade Pies is a true gastronomic delight. This sumptuous creation is a harmonious blend of succulent seasonal game, smoked bacon, and earthy mushrooms, all enveloped in a rich redcurrant gravy. But what exactly does that entail?

1. Seasonal Game: The heart of this pie is a medley of game meats sourced from Yorkshire’s picturesque moors, dales, and estates. Yorkshire Handmade Pies prides itself on using the best British game, including venison, pheasant, and partridge. These game meats are supplied by HFV Parkland and Wild, a Yorkshire-based supplier renowned for its commitment to high welfare standards and sustainability.

2. Smoked Bacon: The addition of smoked bacon adds a savoury depth to the pie’s flavour profile, complementing the game meats perfectly.

3. Mushrooms: Earthy and flavorful mushrooms are a key ingredient, enhancing the overall taste and texture of the pie.

4. Redcurrant Gravy: The pièce de résistance is the rich redcurrant gravy, which not only provides a delightful contrast but also infuses the pie with a luscious, tangy sweetness.

The combination of these high-quality ingredients is encased in light and crispy pastry, creating a pie that’s a true work of culinary art.

Why is it Called Game Pie?

The name “Game Pie” harkens back to centuries of culinary tradition, and it’s not just a catchy moniker. Here’s why it’s called as such:

Historical Roots: Game pies have a storied history dating all the way back to Roman times. In those days, game pies were considered a delicacy and featured a mix of wild birds and animals such as partridge, pheasant, deer, and hare. This tradition of using game meats in pies has endured through the ages, giving us the beloved Game Pie we know today.

Game’s Renaissance: In recent years, game meats have undergone a renaissance in the culinary world. They’ve shed their old-fashioned, claret-and-tweed image and gained popularity as a healthier, lower-fat alternative rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Game Pie embodies this transformation, offering a taste of comfort food that’s both rich and filling.

Sustainability and Provenance: Yorkshire Handmade Pies takes pride in sourcing its game meats from HFV Parkland and Wild, a British Game Assured producer. This means that the game used in the pie adheres to the highest welfare standards, aligning perfectly with Yorkshire Handmade Pies’ strong ethos on sustainability and provenance.

A culinary masterpiece

The Limited Edition Game Pie by Yorkshire Handmade Pies is a culinary masterpiece that combines the finest Yorkshire ingredients with a rich history of game pie making. Whether you’re enjoying it for an autumnal feast, festive meal, or a cosy night in, this pie is sure to delight your taste buds and satisfy your curiosity about the origins of its name. Embrace the tradition, savour the flavours, and experience the magic of Game Pie like never before.