Where to start, what to get rid of, what to plant, so as not to regret it later?

With the onset of the pandemic, people began to spend more time in gardens and country houses. At the same time, gardens with greenhouses go to the backyard of consciousness, giving way to recreation areas – spacious terraces with flower beds and cosy coniferous forests. Of course, in your favourite garden you want to create a paradise with your own hands and without serious expenses, and preferably in the spirit of the latest fashion. Where to start, what to get rid of, what to plant, so as not to regret it later?

Build a gazebo or barbecue area

With the help of gazebos, you will not only be able to equip yourself with a place to relax and barbecue but also plant flowers nearby, which will gracefully weave along wooden partitions. You can place a barbecue or a fireplace in this zone. Also, take into account dining room furniture sets. They’ll assist in creating a pleasant and inviting patio or backyard. One of the most essential pieces in the construction of a garden is an outdoor dining table, which should complement the ambience of the outdoor living area. Ensure the quality of your outdoor furniture collection won’t be spoilt because of the temperatures. Purchasing outdoor furniture for the garden made of rattan or teak is one of the greatest choices. Because they are so resistive to the rays of the sun, such material is ideal for outdoor use. The beauty of fiam italia should provide the perfect inspiration for design.

Swimming Pool Sunset

Create a plan for landscape design

Even if large-scale work is not expected, experts insist that a clear plan is needed. To begin with, think about zoning to separate the garden and greenhouses from decorative plantings, while it is not at all excluded that the same apple trees or currants will not move closer to the flower beds.

If there are old trees, it is possible to cut them down or trim them somehow. You can also put some benches around them, and there will already be a secluded area for recreation. Do not forget that trees will provide a shadow – and it is very useful because sun protection is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, especially if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors. You can transplant something and create decorative groups, for example, take an old log, give it some form, plant trees or flowers near it, and instead of flat compositions, voluminous ones will appear.

Consider the “Natur garden” philosophy

The new philosophy of advanced gardeners is called Natur Garden, it says: that it is necessary to give preference to those plants that are found in nature in these latitudes. It is as natural as possible, does not require much care, and does not look out of place. At first glance, it turns out to be something like picturesque chaos, however, in fact, all the landings are carefully ordered.

Add some elements of design

Various bridges and forged structures in the country house look beautiful. They can truly transform the interior of a summer cottage. You can build a small pond and add suitable plants around, and run decorative lotus flowers on the water. The reservoir will become an indispensable structure because you can have a good time in the summer heat near the pond. It is easy to make a pond out of an old bathroom or you can dig a hole and then put a waterproofing layer in it. Even from improvised materials, a beautifully designed pond can turn out.

Flowered Garden

Also, many people like to decorate the garden with various clay figurines – in summer it can be gnomes, and for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, you can arrange themed decor.

Organise an area for activities

For children, you can build a playground where they can play football, basketball, tennis, or just play in the sandbox. For adults, you can consider a golf course or bowling alley. And for the whole family, the pool will not be superfluous. You can build a swing for children and adults to relax.