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When you run a retail store, the hardest part of the job is getting people into the doors. However, that is only half the battle. With the decline of the British High Street as we know it, increasing footfall and getting those sales in has never been more important. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and you need to be doing everything you can to get people into your store and increase sales simultaneously.

So how can you do this easily?

In-Store Posters

The easier it is for customers to find out about your sales, special offers, returns policies and so on, the better the customer experience will be for them. You can do this in multiple ways, from reducing prices on shelf edges to having hanging banners advertising sales or using poster printing services to help you design posters for your walls and till points with vital information. Keep information clear and uncluttered to help you achieve maximum impact and allow customers to find what they need easier.

Utilise Your Front of Store

Do you have windows in your store? If so, how well are you using them? Creating an effective and eye-catching window display or adding window decor can make all the difference. Not only do people get to see what you sell, but you can use this space as an extra advertorial area. If you don’t have a window display, what do people see when they enter? If you have shelving or display options, you must create an etching entrance using your best offer or most popular products.

Till Point Merchandising

Those add-on sales can really boost your sales and help you generate additional revenue. For this reason, maximising your points with small items or things people tend to overlook can help you to boost sales. What you use will vary depending on your stick and niche, but this can be things from sweets, chocolates, and drinks, as they do in significant supermarkets, to tech accessories in electrical stores, mobile phone accessories, over-the-counter medications and more.

Digital Screens

Digital screens are fast becoming commonplace in stores for easier ordering. The likes of Mcdonalds and KFC are utilising ordering points to avoid queues at tills, and Argos, for example, allows you to check stock levels before ordering to avoid disappointment. But you can use in-store digital displays for various reasons, not just checkouts and stock queries, although these can be highly beneficial for customers and staff. You can use screens for advertising products, promoting offers or updating people on changes in your store, opening hours and more. The more interactive they are, the better, as they will encourage people to engage when in-store and show them options they may not have previously considered.


In conclusion, all retail outlets should ensure they continue their marketing efforts and sales-boosting tactics to help them support revenue and build an effective customer base without skipping a beat. Your store must make the most of all the opportunities available to help you get money in the till.