“something for everyone and a pairing with most foods”

When I visited Malton a few weeks ago I was amazed to learn how well relishes and pickles can work on pizza, pickles on a pizza? Just writing this makes me think of a couple of classic Peter Kay lines ‘Cheeeeeese Cake” Garlic Bread”?

But trust me it works, so how fitting that just 1 week later I was asked by, the very local to me, Peckish Kitchen if I’d like to try a few of their products.

Eagerly replying to their kind offer I opted for the Antipasto Relish, Charred Chilli & Red Pepper Chutney & Wild Garlic Pesto and set about making my own dough, I’ve used a few recipes for dough over the years but this new one I’ve picked up from the Malton Cookery School works incredibly well indeed.

Peckish Kitchen on PizzaIt’s basically 650g of strong white flour, 7g of yeast, 2 tsp of salt, 25ml of oil, 50ml of milk and 325ml of warm water together with a tomato sauce base that consists of 3 garlic cloves, 1 onion, 2 tins of tomatoes, 175ml of red wine, a touch of basil and 2 tbsp of tomato puree, whack a touch of blue cheese on top of your sauce and some of Peckish Kitchens delightful relishes and Chutneys and wow this is good.

Pizza on pizza paddleIncidentally if you don’t have a pizza paddle as big or as authentic as mine then drop Nisbets a visit, they have a whole range of the beauties.

So who exactly are the people that are going to revolutionise your collection of chutneys and preserves, and potentially change the way you eat pizza, amongst other things.

Based in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, Peckish Kitchen started out making wild garlic pesto and pickled onions until demand amongst family and friends grew to the extent that it gave them hope that actually they could make a living out of them, today they still work from the kitchen at home but now with a 5 star health and hygiene rating, making a much larger range of chutneys and relishes that can be found in many of the farmers markets around Yorkshire.

Peckish Kitchen antipasto Peckish kitchen explain they benefit from a team of varying age groups and differing skills which means they have been able to tailor a brand to based on tradition, with a modern edge which appeals to a wide range of consumers. They also embrace a selling technique which engages customers without hiding the fact that they are in fact a business.

homemade pizzaWhat’s really impressive is that they are attempting to update the stuffy image of preserves proving that there is a place for them in the modern kitchen, reestablishing them as a way to enhance your food. Their wide unique range means that there is something for everyone and a pairing with most foods.

To give us insperation Peckish Kitchen gave us an exclusive inside to what their current favourite chutney is at this time of year “Charred Chilli & Red Pepper Chutney is fantastic with pork pies and our Curried Carrot Salsa is a great accompaniment for a BBQ”

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