Mastering the Art of Waiting: 5 Engaging Ways to Pass Time During Delays and Breakdowns

We’ve all been stuck in an airport waiting for a delayed flight or in the car waiting to be rescued by a recovery vehicle, which makes you wonder what you should do to pass the time. This can be frustrating for just about anyone but filling your time isn’t always an easy task.

Fortunately, we know several ways that you can keep busy during these down periods, so you can take control of your time. Our guide below is filled with inspiration for you to follow next time your transport is interrupted by delays or breakdowns, so continue reading to find out more.

Stream your favourite shows

In the digital world we live in, you have the power of a TV in the palm of your hand. You can stream shows on Netflix, watch live TV through applications like BBC iPlayer or catch the latest blockbusters with the click of a button.

Watching TV or films on your phone is an easy way to pass the time. Plus, many of these shows can be downloaded now too, so your viewing won’t be interrupted when the time comes to board a flight.

Play your favourite games

Join the almost 40 million gamers in the UK when you need to pass the time. Playing games online is a simple way to keep busy and modern technology means it’s easier than ever to access some great titles. Plus, there are plenty of games you can play like mobile slots or racing games, ensuring there’s a great option no matter your tastes.


Whether you like to throw yourself into an immersive fiction book or prefer to build your factual knowledge, there are many benefits of reading.

Reading can cause motion sickness for some people, though, so if you’ve forgotten your anti-sickness tablets, audiobooks could be a better option. Many audiobooks are read by celebrities too, making the experience even more exciting.


In 2024, it feels like every man and his dog has a podcast, which is great for fans of the medium. Whatever your hobbies, there’ll likely be a podcast out there for you. Find one for you, pop your headphones in and shut off from the delays in style.

Podcasts are another piece of media that can be downloaded too, so you can continue listening once the delays are over.

Card games

Finally, go old school with your friends and family with some fun card games. All you need is a deck of cards and you can play countless amounts of games! Alternatively, bring some modern card games with you like UNO if you want even more options.

Staying busy while you wait doesn’t have to be a chore. Try one of our recommendations and time should pass by faster!