Kopparberg responds to wave of demand for raspberry variant with permanent product listing

The humble raspberry is now becoming as popular as the mighty strawberry with British taste buds, which can be seen through independent Swedish cider brand, Kopparberg, which is bringing Kopparberg Raspberry out of hibernation to make it a permanent member of its product portfolio.

Already cast as the hero of hazy summer days in Kopparberg’s seasonal portfolio, fans have flooded Kopparberg social media channels on Facebook and Twitter calling for the popular flavour to be made available all year round and the independent Swedish cider brand has duly obliged.

Dan Bryant, 25, London commented:
“I always drink Kopparberg Raspberry at the pub in the summer with my mates and thought it was a real shame they didn’t sell the flavour all year round. I posted on the Kopparberg Facebook page about it not really thinking anyone would notice so it’s pretty cool they saw it and are now making it a permanent edition. Can’t wait to buy some!”

Kopparberg Raspberry is made using the brand’s apple cider as a base, infused with the juice of raspberry and a hint of mint to create a refreshing drink bursting with berry taste. Kopparberg Raspberry is the perfect choice for those looking for a slightly drier fruit cider with the addition of mint toning down the sweetness of the drink.

Jodie Alliss, Brand Manager at Kopparberg commented: “Lots of our fans were calling for raspberry to be available all year round so making it a permanent listing was a no-brainer. We’re very selective about the variants we add to our range, as we only want to be offering the best fruit ciders on the market, but such was the demand for this one that we ramped up production for 2014 straight away. The mint mixes really well with the sweetness of the raspberry juice to give it a refreshing balance, whilst still maintaining our unique Kopparberg taste.”

The Kopparberg Cider range now includes five foundation variants; Mixed Fruit, Pear, Strawberry & Lime, Naked Apple and Raspberry, as well as their innovative Eclectics range; Elderflower & Lime and Cloudberry.