Barbecue recipe: Stephen Bulmer’s grilled rolled pork with nettle and wild garlic stuffing

Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile when it comes to barbecue food to make sure your family and guests aren’t served up the usual burgers and sausage combo.

Well, thanks to Michelin-trained chef director at luxury castle hotel Swinton Park, Stephen Bulmer, we can now share his very special recipe that is sure to impress your barbecue-goers, as well as treat them to something delicious.

His Yorkshire Dales base is home to his cookery school, which is at home in the 20,000 acres estate and is blessed with plenty of wild game and home-grown ingredients.

One of his courses includes the Barbecue Cook and Lunch, so you can learn how to to conjure up some outstanding barbecue grub at the deerhouse at Swinton Park! (Details below)

Recipe: Grilled rolled pork with nettle and wild garlic stuffing

Ingredients: Serves four

2 kilo pork loin, trimmed
200g crepinette (caul fat)
1 bunch nettles
1 bunch wild garlic
200g breadcrumbs
50g pine nuts
1 red chilli
Olive oil

For serving:
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice
Flat-leaf parsley and garlic, finely chopped together


  1. Slice the pork into 2mm thick medallions and batter between two sheets of cling film or a freezer bag to twice its original size. Place each piece of pork on a
    cling-filmed tray.

  2. Blend the nettles, wild garlic, chilli, pine nuts and breadcrumbs with a little olive oil to make a smooth paste. Then using a small palette knife, smear the paste
    onto the pork medallions.

  3. Roll them like a spring roll then roll in the crepinette and reserve.

  4. Griddle the pork rolls for four minutes each side, then remove and season.

  5. Add a good squirt of lemon juice on top of them, and toss in a little finely-chopped parsley and garlic. Serve with fried courgette flowers and a rocket salad.

Chef’s notes:
Crepinette or caul fat is available from butchers. It is a thin, lacy membrane that surrounds the internal organs of an animal. Being 90% fat it adds flavour
but mostly dissolves on cooking, making it an ideal casing for stuffed dishes. You can substitute parsley and basil for the nettles and wild garlic, but will also
need to add four garlic cloves. The dish can also works well served with a warm salad of crushed new potatoes, flavoured with onion, capers, parsley and vinegar!

About Stephen Bulmer’s Barbecue Cookery Course

This is a course for beginners and involves learning the critical skills for grilling on a barbecue (both gas and charcoal) and techniques on perfecting temperature. There is also an ‘hands on’ al fresco lunch for pupils, which includes dishes such as Asian-style pork belly, lamb kofte, chicken paillard, Masham sausages and halloumi cheese.

The cost is £40 for cook and lunch or £25 for lunch only. Children are welcome at £15 for lunch. There are a variety of course dates throughout summer, including June 21st and 22nd, July 26th, August 2nd and 3rd, and September 6th. To book contact via, email at or call 01765 680969.

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