Modern technology has certainly impacted the travel industry in more ways than one

These days, mobile gaming has reached extremely impressive levels. The graphics have never been so good, the all-around gameplay is excellent on most titles, and the sheer amount of games available to play has never been so extensive.

Given its improved overall offering, it’s no surprise to see people smartphone gaming on a train journey to Leeds to try some local delights or while relaxing around the pool in an exotic Caribbean setting. It’s a go-to entertainment option for a large section of society.

Modern technology has certainly impacted the travel industry in more ways than one. People aren’t just checking in online and using apps to get around foreign territories; they’re also keeping themselves entertained with a variety of games that can be dipped in and out of during a staycation or an adventure abroad.

Puzzle games have always been in high demand, as have popular online slot games in the UK such as Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters and Lotto Madness, although these certainly aren’t the only options.

In fact, if you think of a genre, there is most definitely a game associated with it. Games developers aren’t shying away from specific areas, with a whole host of food-related games surfacing in recent times also. In short, mobile gaming’s offering is comprehensive. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top games to take with you on your next trip away.

Among Us

Among Us has been on somewhat of a decline in recent times, but that shouldn’t put you off what is still one of the most entertaining smartphone games around right now.

The aim of the game is fairly simple and is extremely popular with groups of friends, in particular, essentially tasking players with rumbling the killer on a spaceship. After each round, players vote on who they think the guilty party is. Guess right, and you win.

Pokémon Go

As far as immersive mobile gaming experiences go, they don’t get much better than Pokémon Go.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the franchise, you’ll enjoy sampling this particular augmented reality experience. Once you’ve chosen your team, you can then fill up your Pokédex, take down gyms, battle against fellow trainers, and complete a variety of quests as you explore what is one of the best smartphone products ever.

Altos Odyssey

If you’re after an endless runner title to keep you entertained during a long bus ride, then Altos Odyssey is certainly worth tucking into.

As you travel right on a 2D screen at pace, you have to avoid any obstacles in your way and aim to get to the end of the track. You can slide across deserts, mountains and a whole lot more in what is a superb game to session.

Monument Valley 2 

Monument Valley 2

In terms of stunning visuals and graphics, Monument Valley 2 is a masterpiece. A beautiful puzzle game, players face the challenge of getting a mother and her daughter through a series of impossible architectures.

A simple yet compelling release, strategic play will help you master this particular product. It isn’t the most detailed game you’ll ever play but it most definitely provides a great deal of entertainment.

Plague Inc.

Playing as an actual plague and essentially having to spread yourself across as many global territories as possible, Plague Inc. is a real-time strategy simulation video game where players are given the responsibility of ending the human population on earth. Other game modes involve players turning people into zombies, too.

Other options include Stardew Valley, Hearthstone, Slay the Spire, and Minecraft: Pocket Edition