Headingley boasts some of the best restaurants in Leeds!


Those that follow my Instagram stories will know I’m a huge fan of a Catch, the seafood restaurant in West Vale, Calderdale that just happens to feature in my top Yorkshire Chippy’s Guide.

So when the team from Catch asked if I fancied casting my eye over their newest edition to their ‘School’ of fishy restaurants, the answer could only be ABSOLUTELY!

Headingley always fascinates me, at the south side of the suburb you have a vast array of student-inspired bar and eateries, including one of the best Döner Kebab takeways ever! (I am Döner) & then to the northern tip of postcode district are some of the best eateries in Leeds, including our friends at Salvo’s

Inside Catch HeadingleyIt strikes me that Catch fits into this portfolio of foodie delights perfectly, in one door Catch serves some of the best Fish & Chips you’ll find in Yorkshire, and in the other some of the finest seafood dishes you could wish to consume.

Although I’m enticed by the fresh smell of warmed malt vinegar drizzled on just cooked haddock, today it’s all about the seafood and discovering just what the newly formed team can produce.

As ever the decor at Catch is elegant, modern in design, a wash with the bright sunlight of the early September day in which we visit.

Equally pleasing is the service, a instant smile is brought to the face when you hear the restaurant manager ask the lady that enters if she would like her usual table and usual order, service like that is lacking these days!

It seems fitting that a large glass of white must accompany our order which for me starts with Salt & Pepper Squid with Soy & Ginger Sauce, I’m a sucker for squid, despite the simple look of any squid dish it’s an incredibly hard thing to get right, just one wrong move and it becomes a Michelin rubber tyre before you know it.

Tempura King PrawnNot the case at Catch, delicately soft with a sauce that propels the flavour perfectly it’s a flavour delight, but I  have to honest I’ve got my eyes on my dinning partners King Prawns in Tempura with a Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Thankfully my wife spots the signs and an absolute beauty is passed across the table, wow!! Much like the squid tempura is a difficult thing to master, I’ve just experienced extreme tempura perfection!

The main event for me is Lemon Sole with brown shrimp and a lemon butter sauce, across the table it’s Halibut with roast squash Gnocchi, Tender Stem & sage.

Lemon Sole Brown ShrimpTwo beautifully cooked seafood dishes that present these marvels of the sea perfectly, the brown shrimp served with the sole intensifies the taste of the sea whilst allowing the deliciousness of the sole to remain in the spot light, in the case of the halibut the balance of accompaniments that compliments such a meaty fish is demonstrated perfectly, subtle flavours that once again brings the dish to life, our decision to sample their array of white wines with these dishes was a master stroke, the perfect seafood meal.

It’s in conclusion that I have to declare another Catch masterstroke, the business concept is clever, the quality is absolutely in line with their price point and the service and quality of food certainly sits well with the array of other excellent eateries that are found in Headingley, highly recommended.

Catch Seafood Headingley | 9 Weetwood Ln | Headingley | Leeds | LS16 5LT