‘Gib’ the crazy owner and his outstanding food are still firmly in place at Salvo’s

Do you ever find yourself visiting somewhere and coming to the conclusion that you must come here more often?

I did that exactly 4 years ago when I visited Salvo’s in Leeds, I made the declaration that I must also take my wife and parents there but did I? Did I eck, I just never seem to find the time!

So here I am 4 years later once again writing about Salvo’s and all you need to know is, do I still rate it as highly as I did back in 2013?

The answer, absolutely! The decor may have changed a little and parking is still an absolute nightmare but ‘Gib’ the crazy owner and his outstanding food are still firmly in place.

I start with Fritto Misto di Mare, which translates to Fried Squid, King Prawns, White Bait, Zucchini and aioli. Stunning!

Fried Fish at Salvo'sThe only thing that is missing here is the sea and sun. I just absolutely love an array of fried fish, what makes this dish excellent is the freshness of the fish, it delivers flavour and the addition of Aioli exasperates the flavour.

Main course is a dish I’d not normally choose but one that I’m glad I did. Penne Piccanti ‘Nduja, spicy Calabrian salami which melts into the tomato and Italian fennel sausage sauce served with pecorino.

It’s baked in a coal oven which in it’s self delivers a uniquely satisfying flavour, the addition of fennel and sausage is the perfect combination and add to that melted pecorino and you’ve got a great baked pasta dish!

Dessert, well it had to be didn’t it, Tiramisu.

Dessert at Salvo'sIt has to be simply because there are so many poor variations of this spectacular dessert, so when your evening of Italian culinary is going this well, you simply must try the dessert the nation is famed for.

Oooh my word, this is great, a coffee essence is the best way to describe it, all the key elements are present and this is up there with the best.

I wasn’t dinning alone on my visit Salvo’s, nope I was with the world famous Harrogate Girl, an awesome blogger friend who often blesses me with favours, but rather than me rattle on about what Victoria thought of Salvo’s why not pay her article a visit – www.TheHarrogateGirl.com

Get yourself to Salvo’s!!!

Salvo’s | 115 & 107 Otley Rd | Leeds | LS6 3PX