The Pizza Express transformation provides pizza lovers with the perfect opportunity to indulge in their favorite recipe

Imagine this, Pizza on a Thursday evening together with a glass of red in a building steeped with history located at the side of a busy river with streams of boats passing by.

But this isn’t Venice, no it’s York albeit the Pizza is certainly as good as you’ll find in Italy.

Pizza Express Kitchen in YorkWhilst it’s fair to say I’m not normally a fan of chain restaurants, I make exception when it comes to Pizza Express, the very fact that I can sit and watch a chef lovingly massage a piece of dough into the perfect pizza shape fills me with excitement.

So when Pizza Express called me up to ask if I wanted to visit their newly refurbished York restaurant I jumped at the chance.

Previously a gentleman’s club the design for which draws inspiration from the building’s history, the overall design of the restaurant has been carefully crafted to accentuate the original features of the stunning listed building, whilst still communicating the flexible modernity of the brand throughout its four rooms.

Inside Pizza Express YorkNew upholstered furniture – including elegant settle seating, and a beautiful new leather-clad meet and greet area are key new features of the space; the changes for which even extend to the toilets, which have been carefully restored to reflect the building’s Victorian past, having a piddle has never been so exciting!

The transformation provides pizza lovers like me with the perfect opportunity to indulge in their favorite recipe, whilst absorbing the striking views of the River Ouse.

Dinning area Pizza Express YorkSo what do I eat when I visit Pizza Express? Well let me confess that I’m also known to frequent the Halifax Pizza Express Restaurant from time to time, it’s incredibly child friendly and little Pudd absolutely loves any form of Pasta and tomato sauce so we’d been there just the week before my visit to York and both times I opted for the exact same pizza

Chef at Pizza ExpressThe Romand Pollo ad Astra; Chicken, sweet Peppadew peppers, red onion, mozzarella, tomato, Cajun spices. Drizzle a touch of chilli oil and you have in my opinion the perfect pizza, thin crispy, stone baked awesomeness.

For dessert I opt for chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream, need I say any more? A thing of absolute beauty!

Dough at Pizza ExpressSo is it worth a visit? Pizza Express ticks the box for some many different occasions, the very fact that the new décor within the York Restaurant gives this iconic building a real feel of luxury makes me want to go again and again.

Pizza Express | 17 Museum St | York | YO1 7DJ | Tel. 01904 672904

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