which post-meal sweet delights are popular across the county of Yorkshire

When you think of Yorkshire desserts you instantly think of the iconic Yorkshire Pudding, which in itself is not a dessert. So what desserts, which post-meal sweet delights are popular across the county of Yorkshire? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Chocolate Brownie

Few can argue that the perfect chocolate brownie is a thing of pure majesty. Soft, gooey but with a slightly crunchy outer layer, it makes you salivate just thinking about it. Some people might enjoy dark chocolate or white chocolate but we can all agree that whatever form it takes the chocolate brownie is a marvel of cocoa ingenuity. Whether you are a fan of adding custard, cream or icecream I think we can all agree that enjoying a rich, deep chocolate brownie is one of the best ways to end a meal.


Oh, cheesecake. You are a thing of sheer beauty. We love all possible versions of you. We love it when you are made of chocolate. We love it when you are citrus. We love it when you are some kind of berry. And we also love it when you are anything else because you are cheesecake. Many people would give their left leg for a spectacular cheesecake and the same holds true in Yorkshire. It compliments the end of meal thanks to the massive range of flavours it boasts. From the topping to the middle and the biscuity base, it is total perfection. If you are eating in today, did you know that you can order a cheesecake (or pretty much any dessert) to be delivered straight to your doorstep via places like Deliveroo? You can browse a lot of local restaurants, so if you know somewhere that does a really special cheesecake get ordering.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Warm sticky toffee pudding makes all your worries fizzle away. It melts you away into bliss much like how it slowly melts the ice cream that comes with it. Warm puddings and desserts are something of a rarity but the sticky toffee pudding reins king. It is great in the colder months as a winter warmer and still holds up in the summer due to just how delicious it is. We can all agree that when you catch a whiff of this wonderful dessert it is an exciting moment because you know exactly what is coming next.