Scandinavian design is all about making a home feel cosy, calm and inviting. Most Scandi projects start with simple wooden flooring and fresh white walls to create a clean backdrop for the more colourful displays of homeware.  

Clean lines, a calming colour palette, and surprisingly pleasing lighting are just a few of the things that have made Scandi-style kitchens a phenomenon worth following. If you’ve caught the Nordic style bug, we’ve rounded up several Scandi kitchen ideas to inspire you. 

First things first: What is Scandinavian Design?

The Scandinavian movement began during the Modernism of the 1950s. It was a time when Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish artists began to be noticed by American audiences. With gentle nature-inspired colour palettes, clean lines, and simple furnishings, it was a “breath of fresh air” during a time when Post-war design was still dictating. The idea, however, was to create a space that is practical but at no cost to style and aesthetics. 

A key part of any Scandi design project is the layout. To stick with this concept, aim for an open-plan kitchen with plenty of space for friends & family to gather. 

If your kitchen isn’t exactly the roomiest, you can still replicate this effect by applying other Scandi elements, such as clever storage solutions and muted colours to make the kitchen feel bright and organized. 

Using white and light hues

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Scandi design is the colour white. As we well know, the harsh winter that shaped the style dictated this colour choice because people wanted an interior that was cheerful, and airy, and moved away from the outdoors’s chill and gloom. 

White is the first choice, as it enhances the available natural light while keeping visual fragmentation to a minimum. But having a white kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean it follows the Scandinavian taste. 

For a genuine Scandinavian kitchen design, you need natural elements like wooden tone, natural light and warm hues that remove any dark corners and a hint of colour to achieve the transformation. What’s more, a clutter-free space, clean straight lines, and smart organizational solutions help in achieving that dreamy Scandinavian look. 

Work with the practicality look

It’s not just the material and colour palette that is crucial, but practical solutions. If you have a small kitchen, the practical and utilitarian concept of the Nordic design works well to make use of every inch on offer. Because frugality, minimalism and organization are a natural part of the style, cheap kitchen units, modular wall-mounted cabinets and ergonomic worktops that put efficiency over form make the core of Nordic-inspired kitchens. 

Nordic homes are popular for their minimalist and streamlined style. But this couldn’t be possible without a few clever storage solutions. Dare to maximize your kitchen’s utility with hanging racks and shelves. 

Shelves are perfect for storing items that you use on a daily basis, like crockery or coffee and teacups. Hang chopping boards and mugs from a rail for immediate access when you need them. 

Having your every cooking essential on a rack beside the stove is an easy way to give your kitchen a more homely feel, not to mention it will free up space inside kitchen cabinets. 

Wood should not miss

Wood finishes are a must in creating an authentic Scandinavian kitchen. However, wood is much more appreciated in other elements not just for worktops and floors. Consider adding wood cabinet doors to display the natural material. 

Opt for light-coloured wood like ash or beech for dining tables, floors, or worktops if the budget is generous. 

Add metal elements for a warm aspect

Metallic elements – especially copper- add warmth to a minimal white colour palette. If you’re using only a limited colour scheme, add finishes, textures, and shapes. You will also appreciate the result if you invest in some copper pans, both useful and pretty.

Adding copper rail and marble accessories over geometric tiles, for instance, creates a fuss-free kitchen that boasts depth and warmth. 

Potted herbs & plants for softer days

Houseplants and potted herbs are another great way to soften the functionality of your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to work with wall hangings, placemats or rugs for a Rugstore NE in the kitchen

Complete your Nordic look with some houseplants, fresh flowers, or potted herbs of your choice for another nod to nature that’s characteristic of the Scandinavian style. 

Pair white walls with statement flooring

Sticking with a neutral colour palette doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the design. Don’t be afraid to add geometric flooring with skeel clean lines and white wood that screams Scandi. 

The Nordic design might be minimal and neutral, but it’s also crucial that you find a way to echo your personality in the space. After all, it’s your kitchen. 

Enter the Hygge Realm With Family Photos

If there’s something we’ve learned from “The Little Book of Hygge”, we need to surround ourselves with items that make us feel happy. And, honestly, nothing could be happier than filling our kitchen with treasured photos of loved ones. 

Add special photos to your kitchen’s social corner to echo the sentiment. To prevent a cluttering and overpowering look, use coordinating frames. You can still make a statement, but it’s important to keep it simple. 

When you style a Scandinavian kitchen, less is more. Keep your units decluttered and let textiles and textures do the talking to really embrace the minimalist way of life. If you really need to get that van and get rid of everything in your life that no longer has any value to really embrace that minimalist lifestyle.