There’s a noisy disturbance going on in Slaithwaite – all very Rumpus!

Self declared burger connoisseur, demolisher of beef, lover of the patty, hamburger pundit, call me what you like, I know a good burger when I taste one, New York, Yorkshire, London, McDonalds, I’ve travelled the world in search of the perfect burger and whilst I still believe the best burger I ever tasted is located in our own capital city, there’s a pretty special burger to be found up here in the north too!Little Girl Reading Menu in Burger Bar

The leader of the pack could actually be in Slaithwaite

Whilst you may expect to find a good burger in Leeds, who would have thought the leader of the pack could actually be in Slaithwaite, a village to the west of Huddersfield famed for peoples inability to pronounce it’s name correctly.

Rumpus Burger is a cosy little burger joint, in a quirky little setting, able to seat around 20 people in an elevated dinning area above the kitchen, with open clear views of the stunning Yorkshire village.

Fear the beast burger rumpus Slaithwaite

Fear The Beast

Whilst the restaurant maybe small, their burgers are not, I opt for ‘Fear The Beast’ 2 Colne Valley, 6oz burgers served with smoked cheddar, caramelised onions, crispy bacon topped with onion rings. Presented in a brioche bun, with the addition of lettuce, red onion, tomato and dill pickle,

To accompany the beast I choose the funky fries, drizzled with cheddar cheese sauce, chipotle mayo, sautéed bell pepper, onion, chillis, pico de gallo and bacon crunch, I daren’t ask the calorific value.

dirty fries at burger restaurant

The fries are, dare I say it, epic!!!

Whilst I may have made an error in ordering a burger with 2 patty’s, one is enough, the burger is lush, a true example of how the beef from local longhorn cattle can be rich and deep in flavour, especially when reared correctly utilising the highest welfare standards.

The fries are, dare I say it, epic!!! an absolute indulgence with a combination of flavours that propels the already awesome status to legendary, there’s similar praise from my dinning partners for not only the halloumi fries but also the ‘Tikka Taaj’ Chicken burger which combines a chicken breast burger in a bun with onion bhajis, what’s not to love?

big burger with cheese and onion ringsA fine array of locally crafted ales, together with the legendary Northern Bloc ice cream makes Rumpus a place you must visit, if you’re looking for a real ‘treat’ meal.

Let our exploration of more northern burger joints continue!!

Rumpus Burger | 7 Church St | Slaithwaite | Huddersfield | HD7 5AS