Separating egg yolks – prepare to be amazed!

I’m not normally one to share other people’s discoveries on the Yorkshire Pudd blog but this YouTube clip grabbed my attention when I spotted it on a social media site. I just had to share it! Who knew that separating egg yolks could be so easy?

A bit of research on Google reveals that not only are there an array of gadgets and gizmos to make separating egg yolks easier, but there are some pretty good tips and tricks too. Here’s my favourites:

  • The shell transfer method – Splitting the egg in half and tossing the yolk from shell to shell
  • The hand – Simply cracking the egg through the hand and allowing the yolk to sit between your fingers
  • Funnel – Using a small funnel so the yolk sits at the top. Really?

So how do you crack and separate your egg yolks? We’d love to hear your tips. Is the bottle the way forward from here on in?