Nico Simeone’s Culinary Alchemy: A Feast at Six by Nico Leeds

As I walked into Six by Nico in Leeds, I felt an eager anticipation, and despite some initial frustrations, the restaurant exceeded expectations.

Located at 9 East Parade, Leeds, Six by Nico offers an unforgettable dining experience, that I am excited to share with you.

The Ambiance and a Warm Welcome

To start our evening, we hoped to enjoy the Menabrea beer on tap. This pale lager has a well-balanced taste of citrus, bitter tones, and floral and fruity undertones, making it the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. Regrettably, they had run out of it that day, but the staff was attentive and quickly offered us a great alternative. As a result, we were able to set the stage for a memorable night.

After making a minor seating adjustment, we were promptly seated at our table. We found ourselves in a cozy spot at the heart of the restaurant, which was perfect for our needs.

A Journey Through the Courses

Course 1: Patates Braves

Patates Braves

Our culinary adventure kicked off with “Patates Braves,” a true revelation. This dish featured a meticulously crafted Crispy Potato Terrine, paired with Manchego Espuma, Smoked Tomato and roasted Garlic Aioli. The potato terrine lacked flavour and was undercooked, not the crispy masterpiece I expected.

Course 2: Gaudí

The second course, called “Gaudí,” was a true masterpiece. It consisted of Chicken Arrollado, Hen Of The Woods, Black Garlic, Hazelnut Pesto, Bergamot, Lovage, and Muscatel. Although we didn’t choose the paired wine, I could only imagine how well Sauvignon Blanc Reserva DO – Soleca (from Colchagua Valley, Chile) would have complemented the dish. Despite our initial disappointments, this course gave us confidence in the rest of the menu; it was nothing short of magical.

Course 3: El Bulli

Our taste buds were treated to “El Bulli” a homage to Spanish culinary traditions. This course featured Pa Amb Tomàquet, Heirloom Tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Smoked Salt. The simplicity of this dish was its strength, with the heirloom tomato taking centre stage.

Course 4: Arròs Negre

“Arròs Negre” was a masterpiece, featuring Black Pollock, Pickled Mussel, Black Rice Cake, Saffron Emulsion, Courgette & Shellfish Cappuccino. The black rice cake was a creative touch that added depth and intrigue to the meal.

Course 5: Barbacoa De Porc

Belly & Cheek Of Pork, Sobrasada, White Bean Ragú & Red Pepper

“Barbacoa De Porc” was a carnivore’s delight, and without a doubt my favourite course, It showcased Belly and Cheek  Of Pork, Sobrasada, White Bean Ragú and Red Pepper, with the option to add Barbecue Prawn, Chorizo and Espelette Pepper, which we did, The combination of flavours is a symphony on the palate.

Course 6: Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana

The grand finale, “Crema Catalana,” featured Burnt Vanilla Creme, Poached Prune, Honey and Fennel Seed, paired with Late Harvest Viognier. Each spoonful of this dessert was a delightful indulgence, leaving a lasting sweet memory.

The Chef Behind the Magic – Nico Simeone

And so to the man behind Six By Nice, Nico Simeone, a Glaswegian native, boasts an impressive culinary journey. His experience includes working at Michelin-starred Number One at Balmoral and winning the Young Scottish Seafood Chef of the Year award. Inspired by his time with the team at Brian Maule’s acclaimed Chardon d’Or, he set out to create his own unique but affordable fine-dining experience.

This ambition evolved into Six by Nico, with ten restaurants across the UK and Ireland, including locations in London – Fitzrovia and Canary Wharf. The concept is simple yet brilliant: a new themed six-course tasting menu is revealed every six weeks, promising an ever-changing culinary adventure.

The Verdict

There’s good reason for the buzz surrounding Six by Nico. It’s a place that showcases culinary creativity at its finest. While our evening had a few minor hiccups, excusable given it was night one of the menu, the overall experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Six by Nico in Leeds is an absolute must-visit for food enthusiasts. With each visit, you embark on a new culinary journey, and that’s an experience worth savouring.

Restaurant Details:

9 East Parade | Leeds | LS1 2AJ


A dining experience at Six by Nico in Leeds is an exquisite journey through flavours and culinary craftsmanship. The carefully curated dishes, paired with exceptional wines, create an unforgettable evening. I eagerly await my next visit to explore the innovative themes and dishes that Chef Nico Simeone has in store.