To celebrate International Beer Day this Friday, August 5th, Bier Company has released its Ten Commandments of Beer – the ultimate scripture for beer lovers to live by

This Friday marks International Beer Day, a day to gather with friends and enjoy a brew, celebrate those in the industry, and unite the world by honouring beers from all nations.

To mark the occasion, beer and snack specialists, Bier Company, has released the Ten Beer Commandments founders and best mates Stefan White, 27, and Tom Renshaw, 26, alongside the brand’s thousands of customers, live by.

  1. Thou shalt never put another drink before beer
  2. Thou shalt never have a drink with a cocktail umbrella in it
  3. Thou shalt never let a beer go warm
  4. Thou shalt seek forgiveness from The Beer Gods if beer is spilt
  5. Thou shalt always exclaim ‘ahhh’ upon first sip of beer
  6. Thou shalt try a new beer every month
  7. Thou shalt always pour beer at an angle
  8. Thou shalt accompany beer with snacks
  9. Thou shalt keep the fridge stocked with beer at all times
  10. Thou shalt lick beer remnants from lips to avoid wastage

Stefan said: “For us, beer is life, and so we love uniting with people across the world to celebrate something we are so passionate about. Beer brought Tom and I together and now it’s how we make our living. We are incredibly lucky to be able to do what we do.

“International Beer Day is a fantastic day to meet up with your friends and family, try out new beers from across the world, and take a moment to raise a glass to one of Britain’s favourite drinks. Cheers!”

Bier Company is an online shop stocking the finest independent craft beers from breweries across the UK and new and exclusive brews, paired with its signature own-brand Bier Nuts and Bier Crisps.

Bier Company’s popularity skyrocketed in 2020, and since then Stefan and Tom have released a swathe of successful gifting products like the Bier Champions Euro Lager Box, Oktoberfest special edition box, and a huge Christmas advent calendar, with many more exciting new designs to launch later this year.