China, home to one of the most deliciously comforting food in the world

The very first time you set foot into a different territory, you want to look for comforts to the anxiety in you. Travelling is one of the greatest joys in life, but working in a foreign land brings both excitement and worry. The closest thing that could take those fears away is food.

China is a home to one of the most deliciously comforting food in the world. Wherever we are, we have a favorite Chinese food place we always want to go to after a long day. The thought of sitting on your couch with a box of Chinese takeout food while watching your favorite TV series is undeniably comforting.

If you are traveling to China in a few days, and you want to know what are the food that is good to try for the first time, we got you covered. Check the list below:

Sweet and Sour Pork (Tang Cu Li Ji)

Let us begin with the most familiar. It is pork tenderloins cut into strips, deep fried to its crispy state, bathed in a bright orange-red colored sauce that tastes sweet and sour all at once, and topped with roasted sesame seeds. This food is best paired with China’s staple food – rice.

This food is the closest you could get when you think of home. Every Chinese food place offers this wherever you are in the world.

Through time, there have been developments to this dish to meet the changing demands of the consumers. The pork can now be substituted for chicken, beef, fish, or tofu.

Dumplins in ChinaDumplings (Jiao Zi)

In China, there are several different kinds of dumplings. But generally, dumplings consist of minced meat and finely chopped vegetables wrapped into a thin and elastic piece of dough. It can be boiled, steamed, or fried. The most popular fillings are minced pork, diced shrimp, ground chicken, thinly sliced beef, and vegetables.

Dumplings are considered traditional food in China. They eat dumplings on a Winter Solstice to signify a warm winter. It is only fitting to introduce you to this dish that will formally welcome your tastebuds to the flavors of this beautiful Southeast Asian country that boasts of a wide variety of comfort and even medicinal food.

Bread Soup in ChinaBread Soup (Pao Mo)

Another traditional food greatly enjoyed by the Chinese (Xi’an) people is this delectable soup that is served, most of the time, with muttons. It can also be enjoyed with pork or beef. Instead of purely noodles, this stew uses bits of unleavened bread soaked with its rich flavor.

The moment you order one, you will be served with a warm bowl of broth filled with muttons, pork or beef, vegetables, glass noodles, and torn slices of bread. Others want the bread served separately on another plate.

You can find this served in almost all family-run restaurants around the city. This hearty soup will surely comfort you, especially in the cold winter months. Just add chili for some extra kick of heat.

Duck in ChinaPeking Duck

You should never miss out on this poultry dish that has been prepared since the imperial era. It is a roasted duck that is famous for its succulent meat characterized by its thin, crisp skin.

The ducks are slaughtered after 65 days and are seasoned and roasted in a close oven. Pair it with some scallions, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce, and wrap it in a pancake for the traditional Peking duck dining experience.

Tofu in China Ma Po Tofu (Mazi)

Lastly, never miss out on one of the most famous dishes in Chuan Cuisine with a history more than a century. This dish can also be found in all Chinese restaurants around the world but served in different kinds of variation to fit the local taste.

It is a tofu dish served with ground or minced pork. It is served in spicy red sauce and can be served with other ingredients such as vegetables, wood ear fungus, and water chestnut.

The food on the list are only a small fraction of a wide variety of food that this country can offer. Chinese cuisine is not only rich in taste, but it is also rich in history. If you ask around some of the locals while you go set a small adventure for yourself and eat the food on the list, you will be amazed that their food represents so much of what has happened in the past that brought about some significant changes in their society today. Therefore, aside from you being comforted, it teaches you and welcomes you to China making your stay worthwhile.

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