just a sleepy Yorkshire village with a remarkable restaurant named the Peppered Pig

It’s amazing what you can find if you step away from the beaten track, I think we’ve proven that time after time with a whole heap of eateries, that had we not have had an invite we simply wouldn’t have know about.

Well here’s another place for you, East Cowick, it’s located almost perfectly half way between Leeds and Hull, right at the top of where the M18 meets the M62.

There is absolutely no reason that most of you will of ever been to East Cowick, it’s not a through route to anywhere, it doesn’t have it’s own motorway junction, or indeed any tourist attractions.

It’s just a sleepy Yorkshire village with a remarkable restaurant named the Peppered Pig, interesting name for a small village eatery.

We’ve reviewed the Peppered Pig once before, Claire Smith gave it high praise in a review 2 years ago, but this time it’s my turn and first impressions leave me somewhat intrigued as to what I’ve let myself in for.

The unfinished rubble car park ladened with skips gives me some uncertainty as to if I’ve actually come to the right place, thankfully the carpark is where the rubbish ends, as you enter the restaurant you can’t help but be impressed with the high ceiling exposed beams that have been modernised beautifully to give this barn conversation a wow factor.

Bread at the Peppered PigWe’re invited to relax in the sofa hugging bar area and peruse the menu, which in this case is the quickest I’ve chosen what I want to eat in some time.

The lure of tempura, seafood, lamb, soy glazed pork belly, satay, samphire and marmalade is all too much for me to resist and we instantly choose the Degustation menu, which for those of you confused by the name roughly translated means tasting menu.

Here’s a tip for you, always judge the meal your about to be served by the bread that arrives first, think about it, it makes perfect sense, 2 slices of Warburtons with margarine in a greasy spoon, freshly baked multi seeded rolls with French butter in a Michelin star establishment.

The Peppered Pig is up there, 2 slabs of the most delightful bread with butter that is almost like cream to the touch, we could be heading for fine things here, let the steady flow of dishes commence.

I have to admit the ‘snack from the kitchen’ doesn’t really do it for me, a bit of thin baked dry cracker with an emulsion that’s got a kick of Tabasco seems a bit gimmicky and unnecessary so let’s skip straight to the lamb.

Who doesn’t like lamb? especially when in this case it’s presented alongside hay smoked leek, soft sheep’s cheese and the most amazing lamb jus, the plate is a work of art, as is the delivery of flavors.

We move onto fish next and tempura mackerel, wow wow wow, this for me is triggering an anchor of happy memories, much like your first dance music does when you hear it on the radio.

The Mediterranean is all I can think about right now, fried oily fish complimented with raw beetroot, horseradish and basil, the smells the flavors everything reminds me of small beachside restaurants that bless the southern coast of Spain.

So with British and Mediterranean dishes behind us where next? China!!

Poark with satay and tempura at the peppered pigJust listen to this, and take a moment to let it sink in, Soy Glazed Pork Belly, Satay Sauce, Pak Choi, Mango Salsa, Tempura Langoustine. Oh yes, and this is the best bit, it tasted as good as it sound’s.

Every single element is a delight, if you’re anything like me you strategise each mouthful to ensure you’re not left with the the bad bit at the end, throw your strategy out of the window, bad bit? what bad bit? outstanding dish!

Course number four delivers an opportunity to try something I’ve only ever read about, Skrei Cod

Cod main courseSkrei Cod is a premium variation of our much loved fish which is extreamly firm white and supple due the power needed by the fish during their migration from the Barents sea to the spawning ground of the Norweign coast, only the very best are classified as Skrei Cod, fishing of them is stricklty governed to ensure stocks are sustained.

In this case the Cod is served together with Samphire (or asparagus of the seas as some like to call it) the forages favorite sea purslane, fennel, dill oil and a fish broth, delightful.

Dessert is something of a delight too although I’m not sure my wife would agree, marmalade is not something she cares for

Steamed Pudding Peppered Pig StyleSteamed marmalade pudding with Seville orange marmalade and clotted cream delivers the extreme quality that we’ve become accustom to here at the peppered pig, for me it’s the perfect end to a perfect meal

You will not be disappointed with the Peppered Pig, it’s ambiance, service, wine list and quality of food is outstanding, it’s one for the little black book under the section, must take my parents!

The Peppered Pig | Snaith Road | Turnbridge | Goole | DN14 9BY | Tel. 01405 839888