York seems to be the destination of choice at the moment for awesome gastronomic experiences

I’ve been restored! Yep you read it right, restored! I’ve been to a refectory! but this isn’t me taking some path to the clergy, its the stupendous Refectory Kitchen and Terrace in York.

Located within the Principal Hotel (You’ll remember we went there for Afternoon Tea last Year) the Refectory Kitchen & Terrace is a modern affair, a room surrounded by glass and iron works makes for an incredibly well lit restaurant that feels elegant yet not stuffy, the perfect setting for a mid week dinner date and catch up with an old pal.

Interior at The Refectory Kitchen and Terrace in York

Somehow midweek dinning seems more connected to beer than wine, and whilst I opt for a pint of premium brand lager my old mucker Mr H is extremely satisfied (if not a little surprised) by the array of artisan beers they have on offer.

As always it’s the food thats really of interest, I’m tempered by the short rib mac ’n’ Swaledale cheese largely because it bears resemblance to a recipe I posted on the blog recently for Brisket Baked Mac ’n’ Cheese, so I suppose the question is, is it as good as mine? The answer, better.

Rich in flavour the short rib is as tender as you like, the topping of oversized macaroni and the ooze of the Swaledale is an absolute delight, it’s the kind of dish you mop out at the end with a piece of crusty bread, a delight.

duck and sourdough starter at The Refectory Kitchen and Terrace in York

Mr H opts for the potted duck, pistachio, pink peppercorns and sourdough and given the fact he ain’t sharing it and the plate is left clean I’m guessing he enjoyed it!

For main I opt for the Lamb, lamb rump to be more specific together with sweet and sour relish, capers potato fondant and red wine sauce, a dish that also deserves praise, the lamb is cooked perfectly and slightly pink inside and the addition of capers, which for me are far too under-utilised in restaurants, gives a great seasoning to the dish, my only gripe is the sauce, i need more!! Northern blokes love gravy don’t you know!!

Lamb Main Course in York

Mr H is clearly in a alpha-male kind of mood, following his ale & duck he opts for steak, a 10oz sirloin that’s accompanied by triple cooked chips, roasted plum tomatoes, and mushrooms, if looks and smells fab!!!

Steak Main Course at the Refectory Kitchen and Terrace in York

For dessert we go all continental and share the most amazing lemon meringue pie with raspberry sorbet, I’ll let the pictures do the talking, needless to say it was absolutely amazing!!

Lemon Dessert

In my opinion York seems to be the destination of choice at the moment for awesome gastronomic experiences and I’d add The Refectory Kitchen and Terrace to the a-list of restaurants making a name for themselves in this dinning phenomenon that’s occurring, a must visit!