World Cheese Awards

Today there may be a faint whiff hovering over the Midlands, a collective pong of dairy from all over the world. Why? Well, today is the day of the World Cheese Awards, taking place at the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC Birmingham, no less.

A whopping 2,777 cheeses will be judged from more than 30 countries in a bid to become World Champion Cheese 2013. As our tongues go prickly at the thought of it, they can keep their cheeses of the universe, if you ask us.

We’re going to sing the virtues of the very best cheeses from the very best county. Without further ado, here are Yorkshire’s top ten cheese. Thank you Gromit.

1. Yorkshire Blue, Shepherd’s Purse, Thirsk

Narrowing down the best Yorkshire cheeses is not going to be easy. But let’s start with the multi award-winning Yorkshire Blue. It has a buttery, sweet flavour and is smooth and mild. It’s made from 100% Yorkshire cow’s milk and is wonderfully soft and creamy. Also try Harrogate Blue and Yorkshire Fettle from this artisan cheesemaker.

2. Brafford goats cheese, Lowna Dairy, Hull

This is a soft mould-ripened goats cheese which is white and fluffy and handmade by Tom and Tricia Wallis near Hull. Hats off to the duo for producing this gem as Yorkshire’s newest cheese makers.

3. Swaledale Cheese, Swaledale Cheese Company, Richmond

This family business produces a variety of God’s own country cheeses, and each of them are delicious. From its Swaledale Blue to Richmond Smoked, treat yourself.

4. Dale End Cheddar, Botton Creamery, Denby

Cheesemaker Alastair Pearson uses unpasteurised milk for this tasty and tangy cheese made in the North York Moors. Aged for 20 months after being clothbound, and using Dairy Shorthorn’s yellow milk, this cheddar is rich and has a fantastically sharp bite.

5. Fountains Gold, Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes

This buttery, semi-firm cheddar proves there is more to Wensleydale than the world famous cheese that bears its name. Fountains Gold crumbles nicely and melts in the mouth and the after taste lingers delightfully.

6. Coverdale, Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes

Sharper and smoother than Wensleydale, this cheese is a dreamy creamy cheese but had a wonderful kick. Unique and scrumptious.

7. Barncliffe Brie, Yorkshire Fine Cheese Ltd, Huddersfield

Yorkshire even does its own Brie, don’t you know? Developed using local milk, the Huddersfield-based Barncliffe Brie has a rich texture, a soft, melt in the mouth flavour and that distinctive white coat that makes this cheese so delightfully familiar and fantastic. Mouthwateringly memorable.

8. Old Peculiar, Swaledale Cheese Company, Richmond

The clue is in the title. This cheese dares to be different and that is what sets it apart. During its production, this unique Swaledale cheese is dunked in Old Peculier Yorkshire Ale to produce a soft, smooth and sumptuous cheese that is wrapped in a classy black wax.

9. Yellison Farm Goats Cheese, Yellison Farm, Skipton

This award-winner hails from Carleton, Skipton and is a good as anything you’ll find anywhere else in the country. Its soft texture and unmistakeable taste lingers in the mouth but it is the freshness of flavour that stays in the memory long after the flavour has gone.

10. And one for Christmas… Wensleydale and Cranberries, Wensleydale Creamery, Hawes

The ultimate taste of Yorkshire is given a festive twist, but is perfect for any time of year too. Our famous creamy white cheese works wonderfully with the delicate fruit and is always moist and crumbly. Simply wonderful.