UK destinations that are worth visiting at least once

If you’d like an affordable and potentially unforgettable break, then it’s difficult to beat a short road trip in the UK. The country is packed with things to see and do, and much of it isn’t accessible unless you’re on four wheels.

Before setting out, however, it’s worth first checking that your vehicle is up to the task. You can do this with the help of an interim car service. These are designed to fill in the gaps between your main services, and they’re especially valuable if you’re putting in plenty of miles.

While it’s possible to have a fulfilling holiday in the UK without driving a single mile, there’s no doubt that having a car makes life very convenient if you’re going to be travelling through the more remote parts of the country. Relying on the local bus service can be stressful if you’re going to be making a visit to a location that’s out in the wilderness.

Let’s run through a few destinations that are worth visiting at least once – but which you might look to return to again and again.

Lake Windemere

Any visit to the famous Lake District isn’t going to be complete unless you’ve made time for arguably the country’s most famous lake. During summer, you might find that the crowds in Bowness are a little bit thick – but you can still enjoy a pint beside the water at one of several amazing pubs and hotels. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more active trip, you might make the time to get up early and hike around the water’s edge – or even take a trip across it.

Yorkshire Dales

Days out in the Yorkshire Dales

If you want to pack as much sprawling English countryside as possible into a single trip, then the Yorkshire Dales have a great deal to offer. The landscape is fantastically diverse and offers room for a fantastic diversity of activities. For adrenaline junkies, there are multiple opportunities to indulge in rock climbing, caving, and mountain biking. If you’d prefer a more leisurely pace, however, there are trails to appeal to hikers of all capabilities, and some of the walks are guided.


As city breaks go, it’s difficult to beat Edinburgh. The Scottish capital offers a wealth of history and culture. At the centre is the castle, which dates back to medieval times – and you can get a decent flavour of what the city’s about by simply taking a stroll along the adjoining Royal Mile, which offers a smorgasbord of interesting shops.

Of course, the city also hosts plenty of events throughout the year, most notably the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which can be relied upon to draw huge crowds.