a fascinating place to live and visit

Yorkshire is a county steeped in history and tradition. From the Roman occupation to the influence of the Vikings and rich medieval history – it’s a fascinating place to live and visit. In modern times, the region is a diverse and proud area of the United Kingdom with plenty to offer people of all kinds.

Yorkshire and the Humber are typically broken down into four separate areas – North, South, West and the East Riding of Yorkshire. Each offers something different, but all play a role in making the region an appealing place to settle down if you are considering relocation. But what does it offer exactly?

Great range of locations

Leeds Dock

Yorkshire has something to offer everyone. The region has some of the best coastal areas in the UK which are popular places for people to retire or get away from busy city life. In contrast, the inner and outer city areas provide convenient access to the big hubs such as Leeds, Sheffield, York and Hull, as well as a wide range of properties including affordable new build homes around Leeds.  To further enrich your options, Yorkshire has outstanding areas of natural beauty and swathes of countryside if you want to live in a quieter spot.

Countryside on your doorstep

As just mentioned, Yorkshire has access to many of the most famous rural areas of England including the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and North York Moors. These are fantastic options to have on your doorstep and are firm favourites for locals and tourists. If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, look no further than Yorkshire – it’s a paradise for walkers, runners, cyclists, climbers and water sport enthusiasts. With such great options for adventure, you won’t find yourself getting bored any time soon.

Excellent job prospects

Yorkshire doesn’t just offer an outstanding quality of life. Thanks to the rapidly developing economy of Leeds and other economic hubs, the region is attracting more professionals and investments than ever before. This means that the job market is thriving, as is the property market. Combine this with several of the country’s leading universities and the future is bright for Yorkshire. You may have already been offered a job in the area, or perhaps you’ll want to start looking after reading this article.

Great people

Leeds Building

When talking about Yorkshire, you can’t forget to mention the people. After all, they make the county what it is. You may have heard stereotypes that Yorkshire folk are stubborn, straight talking and overly frugal. Or you may have heard that they all wear flat caps and drink nothing but Yorkshire Tea. Whilst some of these may be true, the people of Yorkshire are passionate, friendly and down-to-earth. If you want to get a better sense, come and spend some time around the different corners of Yorkshire and see for yourself.