Yorkshire pudding champion and TV Chef Chris Blackburn ‘wowed’ guests of Authentic Furniture’s showroom with a festive treat, as he teamed up with the British furniture retailer to create the world’s most festive Yorkshire Pudding.

Chris Blackburn, made famous by his debut in ITV’s Food Glorious Food and appearances in Country House Sunday and the One Show, showed off his culinary skills in Authentic Furniture’s fully-equipped showroom on Sunday 08 December. Chris revealed his top tips for making ‘The Perfect Yorkshire Pud’, as well as inspiring onlookers to make unusual Yorkshire Pudding combinations like Hoi Sin Duck and the timely Yorkshire Mince Pie Puddings.

Guests were delighted to have the opportunity to taste Chris’ creations and were bowled over by the rich taste of the Mince Pie Pudding. One lucky taster, Jonny Aston, said “It puts the ‘Merry’ in Merry Christmas!”

The unique recipe includes a generous helping of mincemeat and brandy butter, with a crumble and fun popping candy topping, all encased in an award-winning Yorkshire Pudding.

Chris Blackburn explains the idea behind the well-received dish:

“We wanted to create a festive treat that incorporated my trademark Yorkshire puds, so we came up with the ‘Yorkshire Mince Pie Pudding.’ The perfect combination of mincemeat and brandy butter was a no brainer, and the crumble was added to give it some extra texture and crunch. The popping candy was an added bit of festive fun.”

“What we think is important is that we write recipes that anybody can achieve, so hopefully we’ve created the ideal treat that people can make at home this Christmas – perfect for kids!”

Managing Director, Tim Lowry, explains:

“Christmas is a great opportunity to get people together and we’re always looking for ways to use the fantastic space available at the Authentic Furniture showroom. Our Yorkshire pudding masterclass with Chris was a great chance for people to come along and soak up the homely, festive atmosphere.

“Chris Blackburn has visited us here before, and is a great personality as well as a fantastic cook. The Yorkshire Mince Pie Puddings are genius, a great talking point over Christmas dinner, as well as absolutely delicious.”