Yorkshire’s Student Delights: Affordable Eateries and Hangouts for Social-Savvy Scholars

Having fun on a budget is a student speciality. Financial constructions can be a bug for young students who love socializing, going out, and hanging out with friends at different interesting spots. For Yorkshire students, all it takes is a bit of research to choose the right places with a great offer and are budget-friendly.

We’ve made a list of the best restaurants, cafés, and pubs in Yorkshire that we know your students will love. They’re all affordable and have versatile menus, so make sure to read all the details to learn where to head next with your friends.

Let’s get started!

Falafel Guys

We’ll kick it off with a light counter-serve falafel house in Briggate, Leeds, called Falafel Guys. If you’re up for a quick but rich and delicious meal with your friends, make sure to try one of their meat or veggie falafel wraps.

Students love this place because of the friendly staff, reasonable prices, and great food quality. Falafel Guys also offers salad bowls, so there’s something for everyone. Their slogan is “Come hungry, leave happy”!

The Minerva Pub

Did you know that according to statistics, 47% of students spend their leisure time getting together with friends? The Minerva is a pub that can serve as a great hangout place.

Situated on Hull’s Marina and voted East York’s Most Remarkable Pub, The Minerva is a must-visit spot for you and your friends. Students love it for the variety of craft beers and the amazingly tasty and affordable food.

The Minerva has an open garden overlooking the marina and the boats, but the interior is equally as stunning as the interior. 

Residence 74

If you’re looking for a more typical restaurant that offers delicious food throughout the day, Residence 74 Caffee & Bar in Cookridge is a great choice. Like restaurants in London that are modern, creative, and reasonable with prices, this spot will satisfy all your food cravings.

Their menu has it all:

  • Breakfast and brunch specialities
  • Drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Lunch & dinner options

You can drink a refreshing cocktail in the evening or have a club sandwich in the morning. One thing’s for sure: you’ll love the service and quality of this place.

Spring Espresso

If you’re ever in Fossgate, in the centre of York, make sure to visit Spring Espresso, a cute, vibrant, welcoming café with amazing coffee served by professional baristas. This place is a must for students who love coffee, but it offers more than delicious lattes and macchiatos.

Spring Espresso has a menu with cheap but amazing food delicacies such as muffins, pancakes, eggs on toast, shakshuka, ciabattas with mozzarella, and more.

The Dry Dock

The first interesting thing about this next pub is that it’s on a boat, on land (hence the name). The Dry Dock is more than 30 years old and has a relaxed atmosphere and a great menu.

We love it because it offers discounts to students. If you join their Uni Crew, you can get 10% off drinks and 20% off food.

Another amazing thing about the Dry Dock is that it’s constantly hosting interesting events such as:

  • karaoke
  • quizzes
  • charity nights
  • rock music night
  • theme parties

It’s a place where students feel at home and where there’s always something cooking, both literally and figuratively.

Filmore & Union

Finally, if you’re a student looking for a quiet and serene place to study, do homework, chat with friends, and relax, you must visit a Filmore & Union coffee shop. 

This contemporary café with vegan and vegetarian options is highly rated for its lovely decor, great staff, and affordable food options. Students love hanging out there in company or alone, working on their academic tasks. In case you need academic writing help, Lets Grade It can help you find the most reliable online services.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like having a coffee with friends before classes, a quick lunch break between studying, or a cold beer in a cool pub, Yorkshire has it all. The list we’ve shared above is bound to help you find your favourite new place to hang out without breaking the bank.

Make your top choices and head there to see these fun and diverse Yorkshire student spots for yourself. 

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