We reveal our favourite picnic spots in Yorkshire during National Picnic Week

This weekend marks the end of National Picnic Week for another year, so if the weather holds up, get yourselves and your families into the lovely countryside and enjoy some al fresco dining with a picnic.

If this weekend isn’t warm enough, keep in mind the beauty of a simple picnic for the rest of summer, when you might actually get chance to enjoy it!

The campaign of National Picnic Week is an effort to get people sharing advice, tips, recipes and information about their local picnic spots.

Get some inspiration for food and drinks to pack up from the official site www.nationalpicnicweek.co.uk and watch the video below:

Our favourite picnic spots in Yorkshire:

There are far too many wonderful spots in Yorkshire to name ourselves, so we need your help with this one. Yorkshire Pudd team Chris and Claire have highlighted their favourite places to picnic in the county. Now you just need to tell us yours! Share them in the comment box below.


Burnsall, North Yorkshire

This was always my favourite place to go in summer with my family, and when Mr Daggett, the owner of the field in Burnsall, agreed to let us hold the reception for our wedding on the beauty spot (in a tepee!) five years ago I was over the moon. But, if you’re there for a picnic, rather than a wedding, it’s perfect because it has outstanding views of the hills, is only a few miles on from Bolton Abbey but without the parking issues, you can park right up to the river and enjoy your day while having a dip and having a game of cricket. Plus there’s a pub over the bridge!


Reighton Gap, North Yorkshire

The beach on the stretch of coast near Filey is beautiful, and Chris says this is one of his favourites spots for a picnic because he feels a certain affinity with it, not least because he used to live there (although he assures us not actually on the beach!) There is a mix of golden sand to lay and play in comfortably, while the array of fossils and shells will keep little ones entertained. Sit back and watch the North Sea roll in on a sunny day. Just idyllic.