15 eager cooks ready to learn at Zouk.

Living in close proximity of the Curry Capital of the UK (Bradford) means that curry is a weekly meal in our house; I often refer to my wife as Madam Khan simply because her love of it equals mine.

In my humble opinion I’m pretty good at rustling up a classic. Ready-made jars of shop bought sauces are completely banned from the cupboards. Instead I have a shelf packed full of spices that I love to roast before grinding them using the Nutribullet grinding attachment. So, as you can imagine, when I get an invite from Zouk Tea Bar and Grill to attend one of their cookery classes I’m completely excited. What more can I learn?

Zouk Chef 3

Rather than heading to their Bradford restaurant their classes are actually held across the border in Manchester, which makes perfect sense. The Manchester restaurant is by far bigger than the Bradford venue, not just in terms of tables but in kitchen space too, a space which is more that capable of hosting a class that’s packed to the rafters – 15 eager cooks ready to learn.

Once the groups are split I join the group that starts by prepping the starters, a wonderful selection of lamb chops and chicken lollipops. I’m in heaven.

Zouk Lamb

I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to Indian and Chinese cuisine in saying that I’m much more of starter kind of guy rather than mains. In fact I could completely skip mains and have a selection of starters instead. The perfect meal, variety, the spice of life!

Preparing the starters is made to sound a doddle. A selection of spices (all of which I’ve heard of and have in the cupboards) are mixed with the meat before we grill them over hot coals. The tutor ensures that this really can not be any easier, no measuring, no scales, simple.


The process for constructing the mains has more of a demonstration feel to it rather than an actual cookery class, but all the same the chef shows us just how easy it is to make the perfect lamb and chicken curries. Our stirring of the sauces plays a very small incognisant part in the masterful creation chef talks us through.

After all this hard work on our part (honest) it is of course only right that we get to sample our dishes. In a lovely touch participants also are encouraged to bring along a guest who can admire and critic our newfound knowledge.

The Zouk Cookery Courses are demonstration-led and provide a great basis for anybody wanting to take the first steps into Indian cuisine. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.