Our speciality is taking the great but simple Yorkshire Pudd and taking it to the next level, and this Christmas is no exception.

After the success of our Mars Bar Yorkshire pudding and last year’s festive Yorkshire pudding, this Christmas season we’ve teamed up with the wonderful brand Cartwright & Butler to create a unique dessert pud, which bring a perfect blend of crunch, sweetness and creaminess, with the optional addition of popping candy on top to tickle the tastebuds of the kids (and big kids).

Recipe: Festive Yorkshire pudd with apricot and cranberry crumble coating with plenty of festive flavour filling

INGREDIENTS (for each Yorkshire pudd)

1 pre-made Yorkshire pud, cooled (use our award-winning recipe here to make a batch)
1 tbsp Cartwright & Butler Apricot Preserve
1 Cartwright & Butler Cranberry Crumble biscuit
3/4 tsp mincemeat
1tsp crème pâtissière
1/4 tsp Cartwright & Butler Cranberry Sauce
Sprinkle of popping candy, to serve


  1. Make a batch of our award-winning Yorkshire Pudds using this recipe. Allow to cool.IMG_4980
  2. Heat the apricot preserve gently in a pan for a few minutes on low, to loosen up.
  3. Allow to cool slightly then coat a Yorkshire pud in the mixture.
  4. Crush up the biscuit in a pestle and mortar into a chunky crumble.
  5. Coat the apricot-covered Yorkshire pud in the crumble too.
  6. Add the mincemeat to the centre of the Yorkshire pud, followed by the crème pâtissière and dollop the cranberry sauce on top.
  7. Sprinkle on some popping candy to the desired effect!

Enjoy! Merry Christmas all.

Thank you to Cartwright & Butler for sponsoring this year’s festive Yorkshire Pudd.

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