Introducing Hubb.: Revolutionising the Cold Brew Coffee Experience

In the heart of Dean Clough, Halifax, a new and exciting player has emerged in the world of cold brew coffee. Dr Nadir Zairi, an entrepreneur with a penchant for innovation, has unveiled Hubb., a brand dedicated to crafting exceptional nitro cold brew coffee. With a background steeped in success, including his role as the former managing director and ongoing non-executive director of the acclaimed Salt Beer Factory, Dr Zairi is now channelling his passion for coffee into a venture that could very well become a sensation in the UK and beyond.

Hubb.’s inaugural coffee bar has found its home in the enchanting F Mill Courtyard Building at Dean Clough in Halifax. This 22-acre mixed-use destination, nestled on the outskirts of Halifax town centre, offers the perfect backdrop for Hubb.’s journey. The establishment isn’t just about serving coffee; it’s about delivering a holistic experience that centres on the art of expert brewing. With a minimalist setup that celebrates the craft, Hubb. is setting out to conquer the cold brew coffee scene.

The Cold Brew Phenomenon: What Makes It Special?

Cold coffee has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, particularly in regions like the Far East and the USA, where it has even outpaced hot coffee consumption. Hubb.’s founders, Dr Nadir Zairi and his longtime friend Hans have embarked on a global quest to uncover the finest cold brew coffee techniques. Their dedication and curiosity have culminated in Hubb.’s exceptional cold brew offerings.

Unlocking the Cold Brew Magic: How Is It Made?

Cold brew coffee is created through a unique brewing process that sets it apart from traditional hot coffee. Coarse coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for an extended period, often around 12-24 hours. This slow extraction results in a smoother, less acidic coffee with a distinct flavour profile that coffee enthusiasts rave about.

Strength Showdown: Is Cold Brew Stronger?

Many coffee aficionados wonder whether cold brew coffee packs a stronger punch than its hot counterpart. While cold brew is known for its concentrated flavour, it’s important to note that strength can be subjective. Cold brew coffee is typically more concentrated due to the prolonged steeping process, which may result in higher caffeine content per ounce. However, when served over ice or diluted with water or milk, its strength can be adjusted to individual preferences.

Cold Brew’s Gentle Touch: Is It Gentler on the Stomach?

Cold brew coffee’s lower acidity is often cited as a potential advantage for those with sensitive stomachs. The extended steeping process extracts fewer acidic compounds, which can contribute to a smoother, less bitter taste. As a result, some individuals find that cold brew is easier on their stomachs compared to hot brewed coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee at Hubb. at Dean Clough in Halifax

Introducing Nitro Coffee: What’s the Buzz About?

Nitro coffee is another innovation in the coffee realm that has garnered attention. Nitro coffee is a cold brew infused with nitrogen gas, giving it a creamy texture and a foamy, cascading appearance similar to draft beer.

Nitro vs. Regular Coffee: Is It Stronger?

The perception of nitro coffee’s strength is influenced by its creamy texture and foamy head. While the nitrogen infusion doesn’t increase the caffeine content, the unique mouthfeel and presentation can give the impression of a richer and stronger coffee.

Nitro’s Bold Entrance: Is It the Strongest Coffee?

While nitro coffee brings a unique sensory experience, it’s not necessarily the strongest coffee in terms of caffeine content. Variations in bean type, brewing method, and concentration play a more significant role in caffeine levels.

The Nitro Experience: Is It Worth It?

Nitro coffee offers a sensory journey that goes beyond taste. The cascading effect and creamy texture add a touch of novelty to your coffee ritual. If you’re seeking a new way to appreciate coffee, the nitro experience might just be worth the adventure.

Nitro Coffee’s Price Tag: Why the Premium?

The higher cost of nitro coffee is attributed to several factors. Nitrogen equipment and handling require additional investment. Moreover, nitro coffee’s presentation and unique experience contribute to its premium pricing.

Hubb.: Crafting a Coffee Future

Dr Nadir Zairi’s journey from the success of Salt Beer Factory to the creation of Hubb. showcases a visionary approach to the evolving consumer landscape. The rise of cold brew and nitro coffee parallel shifting preferences, with coffee shops becoming modern-day alternatives to traditional pubs. As Hubb. takes root at Dean Clough, it’s clear that its founders are rooted in a legacy of innovation and community-building.

Dean Clough’s transformation into a sustainable, award-winning destination has cultivated an environment that fosters entrepreneurial ventures like Hubb. With a commitment to choice, diversity, and authenticity, Dean Clough continues to be a breeding ground for innovative enterprises.

Embarking on a Coffee Renaissance: Hubb.’s Revolution of Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee

Hubb.’s emergence onto the cold brew and nitro coffee scene signals a new wave of coffee appreciation. Dr Nadir Zairi’s passion-driven pursuit of excellence and the allure of Dean Clough’s nurturing environment sets the stage for a remarkable coffee journey. Whether you’re drawn to the smooth allure of cold brew or the captivating experience of nitro coffee, Hubb. promises to deliver an extraordinary coffee encounter that’s well worth exploring.