It’s become a fundamental part of office culture

It’s no secret that most workers love coffee. It’s become a fundamental part of office culture and without it many members of staff wouldn’t be able to lift a finger, let alone get to the office and thrive in their work. Whilst we’re aware that the caffeine keeps us fresh and alert, there’s a plethora of health and productivity elements attached to this beautiful roasted bean that are often overlooked; so here are four great advantages of drinking caffeine (in the form of either tea or coffee) in the workplace.

Energy Boost

The obvious one: Caffeine is our boost! Studies into workplace drinking habits show that caffeinated drinks contribute to reducing stress, recharging the body, and allowing workers to enter the right frame of mind to work effectively. Had a rough night’s sleep? Coffee. Need to meet a tight deadline? Coffee. Out a little too late last night? Coffee! Whenever your productivity needs a kick start, a caffeinated hot drink will fulfil all your needs.

Raise Morale

Having coffee, or particularly a commercial coffee machine in the workplace not only saves time when it comes to making your brew and swiftly getting back to work, it also makes the office space and people inside it feel cared and catered for. If free coffee is offered, we’re more likely to feel like our managers care about not only our work, but our wellbeing as well.

Welcoming Clients

In addition to making employees happy, having an office coffee machine will also show your professionalism and care to clients or visitors to the office. Offering tea or coffee is a great way to welcome clients to the office as they wait for a meeting, and having a brew as you’re closing a deal or discussing strategy can help to relax the whole situation. This can help show a company in a good light and may even make it more likely that a customer will deal with them again.

Health Benefits

The last but most important aspect of drinking coffee in the workplace is how great it is for your health! Contrary to popular opinion, coffee boasts a huge variety of health benefits that could contribute to a healthier body, less sick days, and an overall better mind set for working! Benefits include:

  1. A healthier liver: cirrhosis is a condition where your liver tissue becomes damaged and is replaced by scar tissue. It can develop several ways, such as from infections, obesity and other conditions, but especially from drinking too much alcohol. Drinking coffee on a regular basis has been shown to be a natural detox to help protect against the onset of cirrhosis, especially alcoholic cirrhosis.
  2. Black coffee prevents cavities, so better teeth! Studies in Brazil found that black coffee can kill bacteria which may otherwise lead to tooth decay.
  3. A higher metabolism: Coffee can help you burn fat at a faster rate than usual. The caffeine stimulates the nervous system, sending signals to your fat cells to break down body fat.
  4. There are a tonne of antioxidants in coffee, which contribute to healthy cell rejuvenation and prevent cell damage, giving the body a stronger immune system and thus a lower risk of getting sick!

So don’t skip on the morning coffee; it’ll lengthen your life and shorten your day!