So is Bettys Cookery School thee best cookery school I have visited?

Taylors of Harrogate, Yorkshire Tea & Bettys, 3 of Yorkshire’s premium brands, but did you know they are all part of the same company & better still did you also know that they have a pretty awesome cookery school too?

Branded as the Bettys Cookery School the facility is located just off the A59 that links the A1 with Harrogate and is within easy reach of several train stations,

Bettys Cookery School shares it’s location with the aforementioned brands meaning on arrival you’re instantly greeted with amazing whiffs of roasting coffee beans and baked goodies, heaven!

Bettys cookery school menuEntry into the school is as impressive as you would expect, a bright and airy dinning area in which fresh croissants and hot beverages are served to prepare you for the day ahead, stands between you and the exceptional kitchen area in which no expense has been spared in terms of quality of the kitchen equipment I’m about to get my hands on.

The theme for the day is delicious and nutritious, rather fitting really given it’s January and we’re all counting the costs of over indulgence over the festive period.

There’s always the chance that the heading ‘delicious and nutritious’ may present it’s self as a list of ingredients that not only you’ve never heard of, but are also going to add further distress to an already expanding credit card bill, but not this ‘delicious and nutritious’ it would seem, just look at this for a menu.

Spiced Mackerel with a Baby Spinach, Beetroot & Citrus Salad and Wholemeal Seeded Pitta Breads.
Pan Fried Aromatic Beef Fillet with Cucumber Ribbons, Sweet Pickled Radish, and Chili & Mint Vermicelli.
Honey & Vanilla Baked Fig Filo Tarts with Greek Yogurt and Burnt Orange.

It’s a menu that doesn’t just read great but it tastes great too.

Bettys do things a little different to how I’ve seen things before, in past adventures to Cookery Schools we’ve prepared and cooked the food and eaten it at each stage, here’s it’s different, in essence we’re prepping throughout the day in order for us to take it all home and cook it for someone special.

 mackeral starter at bettys cookery schoolIt’s a concept that I absolutely love, a route that works so much better, I almost danced all the way home at the thought of being able to put all these components together for my wife.

I followed that instructions that the chefs had demonstrated to us at Bettys Cookery School to the ‘t’ and the results were incredible, some serious brownie points scored with Mrs Pudd that night!

dessert at bettys cookery schoolSo how would I sum the Bettys Cookery School up, well here’s a statement for you: Thee best cookery school I have visited, the attention to detail, levels of service, quality of product and ingredients and knowledge of the staff is incredible, the kind of standards that are the norm if you interact with any of the brands under the Bettys & Taylors Group banner. A MUST VISIT!!

Bettys Cookery School | Plumpton Park | Harrogate | HG2 7LD

Tel. 01423 814016