Lockwoods chefs take the flavours and styles of European and British cuisine combined with a healthy dollop of Yorkshire

Lockwoods restaurant on North Street, Ripon, is celebrating all things plump, golden brown and crispy this Sunday, for national Yorkshire Pudding Day.

Yorkshire puddings remain the star of any traditional Sunday roast, so it seems only right that these little beauties receive a whole day dedicated to celebrating them in all their deliciousness – so in celebration, Lockwoods will be serving them as a special starter, main and dessert!

Square Yorkshire Pudding at LockwoodsEvery February, the first Sunday of the month has been christened British Yorkshire Pudding day, so this weekend say goodbye to lumpy gravy, sad-looking roasties and over-cooked meat, and celebrate British Yorkshire Pudding day with Lockwoods.

Talking about making the perfect Yorkshire pudding, Matthew says: “It’s important to have a high heat. Put the tray in the oven with the fat and when it is really hot you are ready to add the batter. You can hear it sizzle as you fill the moulds. The most important thing is to resist opening the oven door, as the cold air could make them collapse.”

Matthew’s advice for perfect Yorkshire puds is to turn them upside down for the last five minutes of cooking, once they are well puffed and brown. “That way they won’t collapse when you serve them. But the really important thing is to eat them fresh and hot, “so gather everyone around the table before you get the puddings out of the oven” he said.

Lockwoods’ extensive menu places a huge emphasis on sourcing local produce, such as its Rarebreed pork from Taste Traditions, Thirsk, and heritage fruit and vegetables from the local Workhouse Museum, in the season. Supporting local farmers and businesses.

The fresh produce combined with the accomplished skills of the Lockwoods’ chefs, who take the flavours and styles of European and British cuisine combined with a healthy dollop of Yorkshire, helps to create the unique menu with Lockwoods own twists on classic creations.

So, round up the troops and do Yorkshire Pudding Day justice this year, by visiting Lockwoods on North Street.

If you are you celebrating Yorkshire Pudding Day let Lockwoods know at @LoveLockwoods #yorkshirepuddingday #sundayroast They would love to see your home cooked Yorkshire puddings and any special tips for making the perfect pud.

Lockwoods’ Yorkshire Pudding Day menu will run only on Sunday 5th February. For details or to book a table go to www.LockwoodsRestaurant.co.uk or call 01765 607 555.