It’s rather fitting that the newest place to bless the area goes by the name of Vice and Virtue.

Let me tell you a little secret, there’s a new place in Leeds! A place in which you can get a five course tasting menu for just £35, in my book that’s a bloody bargain!

But what’s it actually like I hear you ask, well I’ve been and let me tell you!

cocktails at vice and vertureVice and Virtue is located towards the top of town, not far from the Merrion Centre, in what seems like a new corner of Leeds that’s packing itself full of new bars and restaurants, it has a real buzz about the place.

It’s rather fitting that the newest place to bless the area goes by the name of Vice and Virtue, situated in a former strip club, I hand on heart confess to never been anywhere near it before, but boy am I glad I have now.

First impressions are mixed, in fact, before we were informed it was a former hang out for randy men, my wife had commented that it had seedy feel about it, I don’t disagree, upstairs is a bit weird too, it’s a bit bright and a bit bare but who cares about the décor, I’m here for the food.

steamed pasta starterWe start with one of the best and most interesting amouse bouches I’ve had in some time, a steamed pasta that has a distinct chinese feel to it, in fact the pasta resembled and tasted remarkably similar to a chinese dumpling, It’s stunning, very well thought out and incredibly tasty.

Décor what décor? This food is good!

peas and cucumberCourse number one is trout, with peas, cucumber & herb buttermilk, superb. The freshness of the trout together with the natural beauty of peas and cucumber is a triumph, in parts the herb buttermilk is a tad overpowering for the fish, but in contrast every mouthful is different, and so is excused when you do get a burst of flavor from the fish.

beetroot delight Vice and VirtueCourse number 2 is golden beets, I was looking forward to this dish the moment I entered the restaurant, I think it was the sight of the dish covered by a dome and filled with smoke that created the excitement in me.

Let’s forget the rather simplistic description on the menu for this course, instead explaining it as delightfully thinly sliced beetroot varieties that have a gentle earthy smoky flavor to them, truly delightful, as is the oversized caper that sits perfectly on the top of the beets, I’ve never seen anything like it, in one word, outstanding.

The highest praise however should be reserved for the hogget cannon,

lamb lamb and more lambOoh my word, 2 pieces of perfectly cooked lamb served what I would describe as a lamb bonbon that packs so much flavor it’s scary, the dish is, put simply, an essence of lamb, it’s everything that’s great about lamb, it’s executed perfectly, it looks and tastes absolutely stunning.

toffee pudding Vice and VirtueThe final 2 courses are both dessert themed, staring with a chocolate and vanilla mousse like creation and then finishing off with a sticky toffee pudding with tonka bean ice cream, both awesome, both destroyed.

Vice and Virtue equals flavour, a constantly changing menu that reflects the season’s, it’s a place you must add to your places to visit.

Vice and Virtue | New Briggate, Leeds LS1 6NU | 0113 345 0202