To celebrate our very favourite day in the calendar here at Yorkshire Pudd HQ, we’ve put together a little snapshot of facts about our humble, yet beloved, delicacy. On Yorkshire Pudding Day, we give you… the top 10 things you didn’t know about Yorkshire Puddings. Or maybe you did, if you’re a smarty pants. Here goes:

  1. The Yorkshire Pudding was awarded number one Yorkshire icon in The Dalesman Magazine’s anniversary edition last year, which published a special feature on the Top 75 Yorkshire Icons. Our Chris (the YP world champ, in case you didn’t know) showed presenter Matt Baker how to make a Mars Bar Yorkshire Pudding on BBC’s Countryfile, which dedicated a show to the countdown.
  2. Ignore all the historic terms about where Yorkshire Pudds come from – it was in fact the Doctor himself who created our nation’s favourite gem. The 11th Dr Who, Matt Smith, took credit for it in one episode, and frankly, we believe him.
  3. This very day, British Yorkshire Pudding Day, only dates back as far as 2008 and was founded by Florence Sandeman of She said: “It is a recipe of the people – no matter what their background or where they live, millions have enjoyed it, so what better British dish to honour than Yorkshire Pudding.” AMEN!
  4. There are in excess of 60,000 searches online each month for Yorkshire Pudding recipes.
  5. The non-Yorkshire town consuming the most amount of Yorkshires is Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  6. The cheat…ahem, I mean frozen Yorkshire Pudding phenomenon came about in 1974 and was originally created for Butlins Holiday Camps. We’re not saying a word.
  7. America’s Martha Stewart said Yorkshire Puddings are ‘a cross between a popover and a souffle’. Hee hee.
  8. Consumption of Yorkshire Puddings has risen steadily since 2004, peaking in December 2013.
  9. Yorshireman and chemical scientist John Emsley said of Yorkshire Pudding makers: “It’s in the blood and instinct of people born and raised there. You can always tell from the look and taste if the cook has the right touch and it is almost pitiful to observe the stuff that comes from some southern ovens – flat, pale and soggy much of the time.” We like him.
  10. The Yorkshire Pudding is a true rags to riches story. Once being the fodder of the poor folk who filled up on them before their main meals which were sparse of meat, now they can be found lining the silver trays of waiters drifting around the most snazzy of shindigs, in the form of canapés. What an example of true Yorkshire grit. We salute you Yorkshire Pudding, today and every day!

Well now it’s time to go and treat yourself – and don’t forget to use our award-winning Yorkshire Pudding recipe