Ahoy, Yorkshire! Discover the Best Sailing Spots Inland and by the Sea

Whether you’ve got an inflatable or rigid dinghy, getting it out on the water is what it’s ultimately designed for. You might think that Yorkshire, much of which isn’t on the coast, doesn’t have many sailing spots of which to take advantage – but you’d be mistaken.

This large and diverse region of the UK has many fantastic options both inland and by the sea. So if you’ve booked some time to yourself, checked that you’ve got the right level of dinghy insurance and confirmed that the boat is water-worthy, here are some of the best sailing spots to try in Yorkshire.


The cathedral city with origins tracing back to Roman and Viking times is a great spectacle on foot but have you ever considered sailing through York on the River Ouse?

A few sailing clubs are dotted along the river, including York Sailing Club and Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club, which provide a slip ramp for you to launch from with a small donation. From there, you can sail up the river into the heart of York and see the sights from a completely new perspective.


One of the great Yorkshire seaside locations, Scarborough is a fantastic place to set sail. Tidy sandy beaches, historic castle ruins and dramatic cliffs are the perfect backdrop for your adventure in the North Sea.

You’re not allowed to launch from the beach, so you’ll have to use the slipway located opposite the Golden Ball pub in the harbour. Be sure to take notice of the rules and regulations set out by North Yorkshire Council.


Another iconic coastal destination in Yorkshire, Whitby is famous for its fish and chips, abbey, cobbled streets and picturesque fishing harbour. It’s even got a claim to be home of Captain Cook, the great British explorer, so you channel your inner captain while on your dinghy voyage.

Whitby also has a slipway available for public use, so you can launch your vessel before venturing through the magnificent town and past the harbour walls into the North Sea if you wish.

Filey & Bridlington

A little down the coast from Scarborough are some of the best beaches in Yorkshire. Bridlington and Filey are both historic seaside towns with relatively sheltered bays for smooth sailing and long sweeping beaches popular with tourists.

There’s a designated council launch site at Bridlington but it’s best to get in contact with Filey Sailing Club if you’re thinking about launching from there. Make sure you read the regulations set out by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council before your visit.