where famous authors visited for inspiration, and local fishermen came to get the catch of the day

The town of Whitby is located in Northern Yorkshire, but you will find that this place is very different from the rest of the county. Drive through the Yorkshire countryside until you reach the beach and here you will discover this peaceful seaside town. However, there is more to Whitby than meets the eye.

Whitby is a place where famous authors visited for inspiration, and local fishermen came to get the catch of the day. As such, you can reliably spend an entire day out in this coastal town. Read on to find out how.

 Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect Whitby to be considered a place of gothic history. However, rumour has it that one of the biggest monsters in all of Europe was buried in the town’s famous abbey. That monster just so happens to be Dracula.

Of course, there is no such thing as a vampire, but that didn’t stop Bram Stroker from ending his dark novel in the seaside town of Whitby. The local community has made the most out of the revelation that Dracula is supposedly buried at Whitby Abbey, which is why you can start your day in the town by exploring this historical site. If you aren’t into spooky stories, you can still visit the abbey with the knowledge that Whitby was one of the first towns where the Vikings landed. Again, this is another reason why the town is steeped in history.

Fish And Chips

As with most British coastal towns, you will find plenty of places to stop for fish and chips during your lunch break. However, there is no better place to get some seaside treats than in Whitby.

For starters, the famous chip shop, Trenchers of Whitby, can be found along the seafront. This establishment has existed for nearly forty years and features some of the more traditional chip shop items. Although, all these items taste different when mixed with the saltiness of the sea air. If this restaurant is busy, there are several other fish and chips providers in the area. Just make sure you visit one of these during your day trip and you won’t regret it.

Whitby Museum

Once you have polished off your lunch, you can head out for some more historical knowledge. Whitby museum is free to enter, and visitors will receive a more comprehensive history of how the town came to be. What’s more, Whitby Museum also features one of the world’s largest collections of model ships. The museum may not be for everyone, but there is no better way to let your perfect lunch settle in peace.


Whitby Coast

While you are in the town of Whitby, it would be criminal if you gave the scenic beach a miss. Whitby beach is one of the cleanest locations in the country, which makes it the perfect place for parents and kids to explore. You can take a mile-long trek up the coast or spend the afternoon hunting for wildlife in the sand. Alternatively, you could spend your time taking selfies. You can find plenty of candid photography tips on the web, after all.

The best thing about Whitby beach; however, is the fact that the local community wants you to stay and explore. As such, you will find children paddling pools across the beach and donkey rides for the more adventurous traveller.

199 Steps

If you still have energy after your day in Whitby, then it may be worth taking a trip up the 199 steps in the town centre. Starting at the entrance to the abbey, these steps wind down into the town centre, giving visitors a view of Whitby before they descend into the high street proper.

Whitby High Street

Before your day in Whitby ends, it may be a good idea to peruse some of the shops in the town. Whitby is not your traditional high street. Instead of lining the town with branded shops or malls, the locals decided to fill the town with unique businesses and market stalls. During your stay, you can head to the glass souvenir shop, a gothic clothing store, or a quirky collector’s emporium.

Once your day draws to a close, you may want to sit with a nice cold pint. Again, Whitby wouldn’t be a very good seaside town without a few pubs. However, Tolkien fans may want to head off to the harbour to sit in the Middle Earth pub. Legend has it that the professor used to drink here on his many visits to the seaside town. Therefore, your day isn’t complete without a pint in this historical bar.


There you have the perfect guide for a trip to Whitby. The best part of this town; however, is that there is a lot to see and explore. As such, you may find that your trip ends up quite different to the one detailed here.