Tefal has changed everything with the introduction of Ingenio

Imagine my surprise when Tefal challenged me to swop all of my current pans for a set of their new Ingenio range of pans. If you’re anything like me you grow attached to your pans. You know their strengths and their weaknesses and indeed their limits. Listen to me… it sounds like I’m talking about a person, not a set of pans!

Always a fan of a challenge I decided to accept, mainly because this seemed like an ideal way of reducing my trips to A&E.

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve wrapped my hands around a pan handle that’s been in the oven at 200c, and the last time was the worst, so something had to change.

Ingenio Essential storageThe other thing that really drew me to the Tefal Ingenio was the apparent space saving that could be achieved. Despite the array of pans you only actually receive two pan handles with the set. The handles simply clip on and off the pans as you need it, not only meaning no more burnt hands but also that pans fit nicely inside each other and massively reduce the storage space needed.

The old ones were packed away safety in the garage, hidden from my mother-in-law who was circling them like a vulture (they’ll take owt for nowt these folk from Lancashire), and off we set with our Tefal Ingenio collection for four weeks of use in the Yorkshire Pudd kitchen.

The conclusion? I have to admit two pans made their way back into the kitchen, mainly because they are what I call my bite-size pans – miniature pans ideal for when warming something up for the little one – but other than that the rest are redundant (in my eyes at least… last seen travelling west on the M62 towards Lancashire).

Tefal offers three choices in the Ingenio range:

Enamel: The enamelled products feature an anti-warp technology on the base, which adds resistance and durability to the life of the pan. The Ingenio Enamel range is compatible with all hobs except induction.

Essential: Ingenio Essential has a hard-wearing non-stick exterior and features Tefal’s durable non-stick coating, which combined makes the pans exceptionally easy to clean.

Induction: This range features Tefal’s new non stick coating which is extremely resistant and can be even used with metal utensils (except whisks and knives). The Ingenio Induction range is compatible with all hobs and is dishwasher safe.

Tefal Ingenio EssentialWithout doubt the Ingenio range of pans get a big green tick from me. Being able to move the pans from the hob to the oven, to the table and then to the fridge to store, is a massive benefit. And in case you want more Ingenio magic there are also a number of accessories such as a pasta insert that you can cook the pasta in and then remove to as as a colander, and a grill to place over the frying pans to grill meat, veg or fish on.

Let’s not also forget the storage of the pans and the fact you can attach and detach the handles with a single click means you can store them easily in your kitchen cupboards. Tefal boasts that they take up 40% less space in the cupboard.

Go out and buy some right this minute, I promise you will not be disappointed!