Impress friends and families with a La Buche De Noel this festive season

Add a French moment to your Christmas with this glamorous take on the classic French Christmas cake “La Buche De Noel”. Featuring layered Bonne Maman Madeleines soaked in rum with a touch of chocolate mousse and chestnut cream, you’ll be guaranteed to impress friends and families this festive season.

Serves: 8

Preparation time: 25 minutes, then set overnight

Decoration time: 10 minutes

La Buche De Noel Ingredients:

  •  400g dark chocolate, chopped
  •  400ml whipped cream
  •  20 Bonne Maman Madeleines
  •  5 tbsp dark rum
  •  5 tbsp water
  •  200g of sweet chestnut cream
  •  1tsp ground ginger
  •  1tsp mix spices
  •  100g icing sugar

La Buche De Noel Method:

  1. La Buche De Noel Line a 20cm long loaf tin with baking paper and keep aside
  2.  Melt the dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water
  3.  Add 8tsp of water to the chocolate, mix until smooth and glossy, add the spices and leave to cool
  4.  Whip the cream to a soft peak, and gently fold into the chocolate mixture and keep aside
  5.  Take 3 Bonne Maman Madeleines, slice them horizontally and cover the bottom of the tin
  6.  Mix 7 tsp of water with the rum, then using a pastry brush soak the Madeleines slices
  7.  Cover with a layer of the chocolate mix, then cover with 5 more horizontally sliced Madeleines
  8.  Spoon the chestnut cream evenly on the top, and then cover with the rest of the chocolate mix
  9.  Place another layer of 5 sliced Madeleines on top, press well and place in the fridge overnight to set
  10.  Turn the log on a serving plate and add a light dusting of icing sugar to the dipped Madeleines