Chris contemplates Yorkshire Puddings – in a sandwich – and other things oh-so-wrong!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for experimenting. In fact, over the past couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with infusing milk for a brand new Yorkshire Pudding recipe. That recipe is due to debut at this year’s Yorkshire Pudding Challenge at the Dean Clough Cookery School. The recipe will also be shared on as soon as judging is over!

That said, roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding in a sandwich? I just don’t get it. The combination takes me back to the turn of this century when I was working in a recruitment office in the centre of Bolton in Greater Manchester. I’d not long been working there when I was asked if I would like a Pasty Barm.

“A what?” I replied.

“A pasty barm, the Ye Olde Pasty Shop of Bolton are famed for them,” I was told.

Roughly translated, a pasty barm is a cheese and onion pasty or indeed a Cornish pasty (although I’m not sure they can call them Cornish in Bolton), in what I would call a teacake* with a squirt of tomato ketchup for added flavour.

*May I add at this point that in West Yorkshire and elsewhere in the North, a teacake is a round bread roll cut in half to make sandwiches. They do not usually contain any sort of dried fruit.

I’ll try anything, although I’ll never try a pasty barm again! Imagine placing a large piece of blue-tack in your mouth and trying to chew it – you’ll be surprisingly close to the experience of eating a pasty barm. Stodgy doesn’t even come close to explaining it!

As the king of Yorkshire Puddings, you would think I’d be quick to purchase the new M&S Yorkshire Pudding sandwich, but I am haunted by pasty barm, so I passed and went for a tasty couscous salad instead. However, I couldn’t resist a quick picture of the creative ‘masterpiece’ – eat at your own risk!  And if you do, tell me all about it.  I want to know what it was like.

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