Yes, you can have sweet Yorkshire Puddings, and our Chris is master of them. Here he tries out a wonderfully delicious recipe for a Yorkshire Pudding profiterole with chocolate sauce

The wonders of social networking (more specifically Twitter) have recently led me to the very creative Kirsty Rigg.  Kirsty works as a Pampered Chef Consultant and she found the perfect way to produce a sweet treat that is also gentle on the hips.

She makes her masterpiece using a Pampered Chef non-stick muffin tin so that she does not need to add any fat to the tray to produce lovely looking Yorkshire’s. What she created is the mouth-watering Yorkshire Pudding-style profiterole with chocolate sauce recipe.

It is worth noting that not adding fat to the muffin tray does present a little bit of a problem for me because the main source of flavour in a savoury Yorkshire Pudding comes from the fat. That is why I insist on using very good quality beef dripping, ideally from a local farm shop as opposed to the mass produced variety found in the supermarkets.

However, in this instance I will turn a blind eye, and that’s because the flavour in the Yorkshire Pudding in this particular recipe is less important. The main sources of flavour in this dish are chocolate and cream, and those two will do just fine!

Anyway, onto the recipe. I used my original recipe but replaced beef dripping with vegetable oil (I just wasn’t sure that beef and chocolate was going to be a taste sensation!) I also replaced the salt with sugar. I also filled the pudds with the finest Elmlea whipped cream I could find (in a can).

For the chocolate sauce:

  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp Golden Syrup
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder

Heat until combined and then stir until it all comes together.
Pour over your cream-filled Yorkshire Puddings and, finally… enjoy!

Many Thanks to Kirsty for the recipe. Of course, if you can’t find a Pampered Chef Consultant to sell you a nifty muffin tray you could always try this alternative non stick muffin tray!

And always, if you try the recipe we’d love your thoughts.

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