With three days to explore, go to the theatre, attend a wedding and at some point relax, our recent visit to Stratford Upon Avon was always going to be hectic. The sudden realisation that we’d not booked a table for pre-theatre dinner left us scouring the internet for local eateries.

Essence at Old Red Lion Court was our first choice after perusing the menu online, but the influx of tourists over the Bank Holiday weekend meant that tables at Essence were in high demand and we were simply too late.

The next menu that took our fancy was for the Edward Moon Restaurant on Chapel Street in the centre of town. It was definitely the no-fuss home cooked feel of the menu at reasonable prices that lured us in, and with a table available off we went!

An ice cold bottle of Corona with a wedge of lime was the perfect start to my evening as myself and my wife made the final decisions on what to eat.

I started with the pan fried king prawns, but was immediately disappointed to find that these were served with the shell on and not deveined. It’s not normally an issue for me as I like to suck the juices from the head (yum yum) but when they are sitting in oil which is at a temperature close to boiling it takes its toll on your fingers (the ice cold beer was once again a pleasure to touch). My wife went for the duck spring rolls, which not only were pleasing to the eye, they tasted good too. A touch more seasoning would have taken them from being good to excellent.

My main was the bacon and brie breast of chicken. Not only was the chicken cooked to perfection but the flavour from the bacon and brie was also heavily present and made for a great dish. My only criticism would be the chips I ordered in replacement of new potatoes. Although again they were cooked well, they were not homemade and I suspect from a large bag of the frozen variety. I’m always really disappointed when a restaurant decides to cut such easy corners!

My better half chose the pesto grilled salmon salad and hats off to the guys at Moon’s – they got this dish spot on, salmon cooked perfectly and pesto with bags of flavour!

In summary Moon’s is a great restaurant, although in my opinion a restaurant for a last minute nicely home cooked meal as oppose to a pre-planned special occasion meal!

  • Price: 4/5
  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Food 3/5
  • Overall 3/5

Edward Moon Restaurant (www.edwardmoon.com) 9 Chapel Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6EP

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