Safeguarding Anglers: New Guidelines and Precautions Against Water Pollution Risks

Anglers have reported an issue with some advice, preventing them from significant risks of contaminated or polluted water. The Angling Trust encourages them to learn about symptoms of various severe diseases, such as hepatitis, salmonella, E. coli, giardiasis, etc. 

Moreover, anglers in West Yorkshire also stated that contaminated water affects the lifespan of aquatic animals. Due to this concern, the Environment Agency is involved in several projects to enhance the water quality in the region. 

Seeking the importance of cleaning the water, the Angeling Agency has issued new guidance containing some safety concerns. Furthermore, one of the experts who runs the Water Quality Monitoring Network, Kris Kent, stated that direct contact with sewage pollution is the leading cause of illness. He also worked on collecting samples of more than 200 rivers and is included in the Angling Trust’s Anglers Against Pollution campaign:

Below are some of the crucial precautions to follow for anglers:

  • It is good to wash their hands with hand sanitiser or water.
  • Try to stay away from fishing lines or other water types of equipment.
  • If you are harmed or cut, it is suggested that you cover that body part with waterproof plasters before fishing. Other than mild injuries, severe wounds must be cleaned immediately.

Another expert from the Angling Trust, John Cheyne, also spoke about anglers’ well-being and health concerns. He said that anglers or water users do not expect health issues while enjoying rivers. Unfortunately, water pollution has become a high risk. He also expressed that by following the above-discussed advice, anglers might lessen the risks of severe illness so they can continue to enjoy themselves safely. 

Furthermore, volunteers tested samples from 200+ rivers daily, and Mr Cheyne stated that high pollution levels are directly related to increased health risks. Also, from the Boston Spa Angling Club, Andy Robson expressed that recently, we have had a fellow who unintentionally drank polluted water while fishing and became severely ill. 

After stating this, the Club Chief declared that the national guidance issued by Angling Trust advised anglers that in case of contaminated water, they should take a shower as soon as possible. 

In addition, Mark Barrow, one of the individuals who took part in fishing and filming at the Wharfe River for approximately three decades, said that pollution was one of the significant factors in the impacts of fish stocks. He said that whenever he visited the Wharfe River, he noticed some pollution there. Also, he gave a statement:

“I am now filming areas which are completely void of any fish. These were my go-to areas before, and there is now nothing there.”

Also, the Environment Agency stated that recent rules and regulations in the United Kingdom are intended to protect wildlife more than humans. This statement highlights the importance of environmental sustainability for the UK’s higher authorities. 

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