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Indian-British Fusion Chicken Curry

Indian-British Fusion Curry

Shrimoyee came to England three years ago for her Masters. She now works as a Marketing Executive by day, but transforms into a Food Blogger at night. After experiencing serious disappoints with Indian cuisine in Britain, Shrimoyee decided to begin a food blog, focusing on sharing authentic and delicious Indian recipes that she finds lacking on many menus.

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Mars Bar Yorkshire Pudding
RecipesYorkshire Pudding Recipes

Oooh Wow The Mars Bar Yorkshire Pudding

As it turns out, I’m not the only Yorkshire Pudding expert in Yorkshire. Ben Cox holds this title in the professional division of the annual Yorkshire Pudding competition. He also owns and runs, with his wife Lindsey, The Star at Sancton, a quaint establishment in a small village on the outskirts of Beverley. It oozes the level of hospitality one would expect in Yorkshire – watch out for our restaurant review coming soon!

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Parmesan and Pumpkin Soup

Jack-o’-Starter, A Happenin’ Holiday Treat

Since I can’t carve up the pumpkins just yet, I settled for impressing guests with my unconventional culinary creativity. That is when my whimsical spirit led me to whip up a cream and Parmesan ‘soup’ in a pumpkin – the Jack-o’-Starter! The dish looks positively lovely on the dining table, served with a selection of breads for dipping, like a delicious beer and cheese bread from the local supermarket.

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